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- District Annual Work Plan


Tsuen Wan/Kwai Tsing District Social Welfare Office
2014/15 District Welfare Plan


The strategic objectives and focuses of the 2014-2015 business plan are as follows: 


1. To Strengthen Life Education
   (i) Assisting Youth-at-risk in Positive Development

We will continue with our joint effort with the Fight Crime Committees, other government departments, including the Home Affairs Department, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the Hong Kong Police and non-governmental organizations, to organize the 'Moonlight Project' and the 'Starry Night Project “ aiming to help youth-at-risk and young drug abusers establish positive life values and healthy living.

   (ii)  Promoting Mental Health
    We will strengthen publicity in the district with an aim to encourage people to understand and maintain mental wellness, to enhance self-resilience ability and to establish positive life values.
 2. To Establish Harmonious Families
  (i) Strengthening Family Relationship & Building Harmonious Families

Integrated family service centres will maintain close contact with non-governmental organizations, other government departments, schools, local organizations and mutual aid committees, etc. to promote integrated family services and child care services, and to render support to families with the aims of promoting family harmony, upholding family functioning and helping individuals and families face challenges in life positively.
In addition, we will strengthen publicity on short-term food assistance schemes and review the proportion of the Direct Cash Assistance and the Developmental Projects under the District Youth Development Assistance Scheme, with the objective of meeting local needs in a more effective manner.

  (ii) Combating Domestic Violence & Elder Abuse
    In order to strengthen multi-disciplinary cooperation and sharpen skills in handling domestic violence cases, we will arrange professional exchange sessions and relevant training courses / workshops. Besides, we will continue our collaboration with the welfare sector and local organizations to advocate a community spirit of care and support for the elders and their carers and to spread the message of preventing elder abuse.
3.  To Promote Neighbourhood Support & Social Inclusion  
  (i) Networking Socially Isolated Persons/Families
    Through the 'Family Support Programmes', we will continue mobilizing volunteers to conduct concern visits and to provide assistance to 'hidden families' in the district.
  (ii) Promoting Inter-generational Harmony
    We will take forward the Government’s Policy Objective of “Promoting a sense of worthiness among the elderly” and “Active Ageing “ to encourage elders to make good use of their expertise and experience to further their contribution to society and to establish a positive image. Besides, we will encourage and motivate students and young persons to respect and care for the elders, and to develop the spirits of “Love the Elders” and “Protect the Elders”.
  (iii)  Promoting Social Integration of Persons with Disabilities & Ethnic Minorities
    We will collaborate with welfare and local organizations to render care and support for the new arrivals, minority groups, persons with disabilities and their carers, with a view to promoting social integration.
4. To Enhance Social Capital  
  (i) Promoting Volunteer Movement
    In the name of the “Tsuen Wan and Kwai Tsing District Volunteer University', we will go on organizing volunteer training programmes and publicity activities in the district to recruit new volunteers, as well as to promote the Volunteer Movement. Besides, we will further promote and deepen the concept of “ Volunteering – New Attitude to Life “. We will offer volunteer training and service opportunities to local organizations and enterprises. In addition, we will start the Continuous Learning Programme, with workshops focused on different topics/targets, to enhance the professional skills and confidence of the volunteers.
5. To Expand Opportunities for Collaboration between Various Sectors
  (i) Promotion of District-based Collaboration & Tripartite Partnership
    We will keep on implementing the District Collaboration Scheme to encourage inter-disciplinary collaboration and tripartite partnerships among the community, business and public sectors, so as to effectively serve the community.
  (ii) Strengthening Networking & Communication in the District
    We will continue to consult and collect opinions through various channels, including the district welfare council, district service coordinating committees, district working groups, district welfare forums, etc.. To help people better understand the community resources of various areas in the district, we will cooperate with non-government organizations in the district to organize more area welfare services parades, including exhibitions, promotional activities and game booths. It also aims to promote the positive message of being optimistic towards life.

Tsuen Wan/ Kwai Tsing District Social Welfare Office
Social Welfare Department
April 2014

Tsuen Wan and Kwai Tsing District Welfare Services Directory (English Version)
Tsuen Wan and Kwai Tsing District Welfare Services Directory (Chinese Version)

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