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- Adoption Service

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Adoption Service

 Service Description


The Adoption Unit finds suitable and permanent homes for children who have lost their parents through death or desertion and the children who were born out of wedlock and whose parents are unable to maintain them. For children with special needs, suitable local adoptive homes are difficult to find; and some of them were adopted by overseas families. The Adoption Unit also assists in adoption through private arrangement, mostly by step-parents or relatives.

 Considering Adoption

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Considering Adoption - leaflet in Tagalog 

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Application Procedures on Local Adoption
  Information on people who are likely to be successful in adoption application and the application process is available in the leaflet 'Considering Adoption'. Interested persons can approach the Adoption Unit for further information and services.

Address :

Room 201, 2/F., North Point Government Offices, 333 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Tel. No.: 3595 1935
Fax No.: 3595 0025 
Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 
8:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday

 Fees and Charges

Assessment on the suitability of adoption applicants is provided by the Adoption Unit free of charge. A fee of $3,170 is charged to the successful applicants for acting as guardian ad litem for the prospective adoptive child in adoption proceedings.

 Intercountry Adoption

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With the operation of the Adoption(Amendment) Ordinance on 25 January 2006, the Director of Social Welfare is appointed as the Central Authority(CA) in

Hong Kong while an accreditation system is put in place to allow NGOs duly accredited to perform duties delegated by the CA. For details about the accreditation system and list of NGOs in respective of adoption, please click the link below:

Accreditation System for Intercountry Adoption
PDF Document (Acrobat Document) Word Document (MS Word Document)

Accreditation System for Local Adoption

PDF Document (Acrobat Document) Word Document (MS Word Document)

List of Accredited Bodies for Intercountry Adoption 

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List of Accredited Bodies for Local Adoption

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Code of Practice for Accredited Bodies

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Guidelines on the Assessment of Application to Advertise Adoption Service in Hong Kong

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Key Statistics

As at end of December 2015, the key statistics on adoption service are as follow:

Number of adoption applications being handled:

Adoption by local homes 183
Adoption by overseas families 15
Privately arranged adoption by relatives, etc. 15

Children available for adoption as at : 31.12.2015
Characteristics of Children Number
Normal and healthy 0
Of relatively complicated family background (e.g. abandoned children, birth parent was drug dependent, etc.) 2
Children aged 3 or above 8
With health issues 13
Disabled 45