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- Pilot Project on Child Care Training for Grandparents



Pilot Project on Child Care Training for Grandparents



  The Social Welfare Department (SWD) has started to launch a two-year Pilot Project on Child Care Training for Grandparents (the Pilot Project) since late March 2016 with a total provision of 540 training places.  The Pilot Project aims at strengthening family ties and relationship between generations, enhancing child care as well as reinforcing support for nuclear families by enabling grandparents to become well-trained child carers in the home setting.  It also helps to promote active ageing of grandparents through life-long learning.



Features of the Pilot Project


The Pilot Project will offer two types of training courses for grandparents, one on the skills of taking care of babies from new born up to one year old, and the other on the skills of taking care of children aged under six.



SWD has appointed nine non-governmental organisations, which are appointed by the Employees Retraining Board to run its two part-time certificate courses on infant care / child care in 2015-16 and are receiving recurrent subvention from SWD, as training bodies for implementing the Pilot Project.



The content of the training courses includes contemporary knowledge and skills in taking care of infants/children up to the age of six; and part of the courses covers topics focusing on family.



The training bodies will organise supportive programmes in the form of mutual help groups and family programmes for grandparent trainees for strengthening inter-generational support and integration.




Target participants

  Grandparents of children aged from birth to under 6 or grandparents-to-be (i.e. those who will become grandparents in six months or so).




  No fee is charged.



Application and enquiries


For information on the training courses, including the dates, contents and location of the training venues and registration procedures, please contact individual training bodies of the Pilot Project.


  The list of the training bodies and their telephone numbers can be downloaded here :

   PDF Document Acrobat Document  Word Document MS Word Document



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