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- Annual Highlights

Highlights of the Year 2019-2020
  • The main themes of 67 professional social work training programmes organised by the Staff Development and Training Section (SDTS) in 2019-20 included risk assessment, identification and crisis intervention in handling child protection cases, helping the parents suffering from depression or emotional problems and their families, and assessment and intervention skills in handling the youth’s multiple behavioural, social and emotional problems.
  • SDTS also delivered a series of professional training programmes covering areas in relation to professional knowledge and skills on investigation and verification of cases for proper management of social security applications, as well as management, customer services and communication skills, etc. for staff working in social security work settings.  A total of 68 training programmes were organised for 2 402 social security staff in 2019-20.
  • To facilitate the new recruits in understanding the Department’s services in different perspectives, specific orientation programmes for different grades were developed with topics ranging from professional knowledge to staff conduct.  In 2019-20, a total of 9 programmes were conducted for 291 new appointees from different grades.  Moreover, induction training programmes on 6 core services were conducted for social work and social security staff newly posted to the respective service units so as to equip them with knowledge and skills required for carrying out the duties of the new posts.
  • Aiming at strengthening the managerial competency of social work and social security officers at different levels, a series of multi-pronged management and leadership training programmes were arranged for 129 officers in 2019-20.  Advanced management and leadership training both conducted locally and overseas were also arranged for senior staff members to enhance their contemporary management skills and exchange their experience with senior executives in other sectors.
  • To develop closer links with the Mainland, SDTS arranged a total of 30 social work staff, social security staff and other departmental professional staff to attend departmental study tours organised by the Peking University in 2019-20.