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Social Welfare Department The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionBrand Hong Kong
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Roles and Functions of District Social Welfare Officers
Currently, the Social Welfare Department is serving the territory through 11 District Social Welfare Offices, each headed by a District Social Welfare Officer (DSWO). The roles and functions of DSWOs include the following:
Planning welfare services on a district basis to meet local community needs;
Collaborating with District Councils, related Government departments and district organizations to facilitate the implementation of social welfare policies in the district;
Coordinating with non-government organizations (NGOs) in the district in respect of delivery of services in meeting the welfare needs of the local community;
Establishing a proactive social outreaching network in the district to assist the needy and the disadvantaged;
Advocating the building of a caring community and encouraging participation of local people to help those in need through promoting volunteer service in the district;
Administering and coordinating the operation of the departmental service units in the district.
Service Boundaries of District Social Welfare Offices
Social Welfare Department's district boundaries are basically aligned with those of district administration. However, subject to differences in districts' size of population, size of work-load, span of management and the number of departmental service units, 11 District Social Welfare Officers of SWD oversee one to three District Council districts.

Organisation Structure of a District Social Welfare Office
A typical District Social Welfare Office is headed by a District Social Welfare Officer who is supported by Assistant District Social Welfare Officer(s), Senior Social Security Officer and Senior Social Work Officer (Family and Child Protective Services Unit) to oversee departmental service units, specialized professional team, and in some cases, centralised/regional service units; as well as undertaking coordinating and planning of services, networking and collaborating duties in the district.



* Remarks: Senior Social Security Officers are serving on a cross-district basis.


District Welfare Planning Protocol and Social Indicators on District Welfare Needs
The District Welfare Planning Protocol (incorporated with a list of Social Indicators on District Welfare Needs) is developed to set out a standardised planning framework and common approach for District Social Welfare Officers to follow in district welfare planning.  It is also made available for community stakeholders' reference.  Meanwhile, the district data of the Social Indicators have been posted on the webpage of respective District Social Welfare Offices.  Community stakeholders may refer to them for information.

You may click here to download the Protocol document.
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