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- District Annual Work Plan


2019-2020 Annual Work Plan of
Kowloon City and Yau Tsim Mong District Social Welfare Office

2019-2020 Work Focus and Strategy
In 2019-2020, the Kowloon City and Yau Tsim Mong (KC/YTM) District Social Welfare Office (DSWO) continues its directive of cross-sectoral collaboration.  On top of the regularised welfare services, the work foci and strategies of DSWO are on the following major service areas :
Family and Child Welfare Services
Strengthening family functioning and facilitating positive coping
  • To promote family core values and harmonious family relationship through collaborations with different service units and stakeholders in the district
  • To combat domestic violence under continued efforts of the Family and Child Protective Services Unit and collaborations with respective district organisations through the District Liaison Group on Family Violence
  • To strengthen the support for children and their separated/divorced parents with parenting needs through close district-based coordination, including partnership with the upcoming Specialised Co-parenting Support Centre
  • To foster inter-cultural harmony and social integration through cross-cultural collaborations at the Ethnic Minority Collaboration Platform; and enhancing the quality of frontline services for ethnic minorities through promotion of interpretation and translation services
Strengthening support network in local communities/groups
  • To care for the underprivileged groups and building up social capital through "Cross-sector and Care for the Community Collaboration Platform”
  • To strengthen the support for grassroot families, new arrival families, ethnic minorities in the district through a variety of services / programmes run by organisations in the district with the allocation of district funding
  • To consolidate the mutual-help network of residents in Kai Tak Area through the "Kai Tak Re-development Area Collaboration Platform” and the two projects run by non-governmental organisations under the sponsorship of Community Investment and Inclusion Fund
  • To foster social re-integration of street sleepers and assisting them to be self-reliant through close collaboration with relevant government departments and service units
Youth Services
Providing multi-pronged support and services
  • To offer young persons a series of preventive, developmental and remedial welfare services by coordinating with subvented NGOs including integrated children and youth services centres, school social work service and youth outreaching social work, etc. with a view to enhancing resilience, fostering positive life values and developing potentials 
  • To continue the implementation of the job shadowing project by inviting corporate leaders to participate in order to provide more exposure to young persons and encourage them to formulate the life goals 
Strengthening cross-professional connection to address young persons’ mental well-being
  • To step up community support to young persons having emotional disturbance and enhance their mental well-being by connecting different sectors including education, medical, and welfare especially the Integrated Community Centre for Mental Wellness 
Elderly Services
Strengthening cross-sectoral community support network and promoting diversified services
  • To promote cross-sectoral collaboration among elderly centres, local organisations and volunteer groups to support the needs of elders suffering from emotional distress and their carers
  • To early identify the service needs of single elder / two elder households, hidden elders, elders suffering from dementia and their carers through a range of concern visits and activities so as to render timely support and follow up services for them, and simultaneously, to enhance diversified services to the carers for relieving their stress
Supporting carers and building an age-friendly community
  • To enhance the service quality of Residential Care Home for the Elderly (RCHE) through continuous implementation of the “Services Quality Group Scheme” by arranging district stakeholders to pay visits to RCHEs and to make suggestions about their facilities and services
  • To continue the implementation of the “2018-20 Opportunities for the Elderly Project” by promoting community involvement of elderly persons and encouraging them to unleash their potential for contributing to the society and to develop neighborhood support for promoting care for the elderly and active ageing with a view of building an age-friendly community
Strengthening the support for elders with dementia and their carers
  • To continue conducting the “Dementia Friends” Information Sessions in the district so as to promote public awareness of dementia with a view of building a dementia friendly community
  • To continue implementing the “Support for Carers Project” in the district for equipping the frontline security personnel to identify the needs of elders with dementia and their carers and refer them for suitable services. Besides, the Project will be extended to equip those persons who have frequent encounters with elders in the community with a view of building an inclusive and caring society
Rehabilitation Services
Addressing multifarious needs of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)
  • To collaborate with rehabilitation service units, local organisations and related government departments, and deliver programmes and activities in enhancing vocational rehabilitation support and promoting employment of PWDs as fostering their integration into the community 
  • To continue maintaining the District Task Group on Community Mental Health Support Services with participation from relevant stakeholders and professionals in order to formulate strategies to address district needs pertinent to mental health 
  • To encourage delivery of support services for PWDs and their carers and to address their needs according to life stages, e.g. health management project for aging PWDs through district funding projects
Fostering more community support to residential homes
  • To implement the “Service Quality Group Scheme” for residential care homes for persons with disabilities (RCHDs) and continue maintaining the district platform of Support Residents of Private RCHDs
*The Chinese Version shall prevail. 
Social Welfare Department
Kowloon City and Yau Tsim Mong District Social Welfare Office
February 2020