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- District Annual Work Plan


2018-2019 Annual Work Plan of
Kowloon City and Yau Tsim Mong District Social Welfare Office



2018-2019 Work Focus
In the formulation of 2018-2019 annual work plan to address local needs, the Kowloon City and Yau Tsim Mong (KC/YTM) District Social Welfare Office (DSWO) continues to collect views from relevant stakeholders through various consultation and sharing platforms.  These include the District Strategic Co-ordination Committee on Welfare Services, five District Co-ordinating Committees / Local Committee for Welfare Services, the relevant Committees under the District Councils, and the District Welfare Forum.  On top of the existing regular subsidised welfare services, DSWO will facilitate work foci and strategies on the following major service areas:

Family and Child Welfare Services
With a view to providing needy individuals and families with appropriate services and support, DSWO continues to collaborate with relevant stakeholders and service units in the district to carry out a series of programmes and activities.  For instance, organizing serial activities aiming at promoting harmonious family relationship, implementing diversified programmes for disadvantaged families / individuals such as grass-roots families, new arrivals and ethnic minorities (EMs) through district funding, liaising with multi-disciplinary professionals to combat and prevent domestic violence, working closely with concerned government departments and service units to facilitate street sleepers to live away from streets, enhancing the mutual-help network in Kai Tak development area through activities and programmes organised by the platform of Kai Tak Collaboration Project, and strengthening support for EMs by service collaboration and synergy among stakeholders of the platform of EMs in KC/YTM District.

Youth Services

To offer young persons a series of preventive, developmental and remedial welfare services, DSWO coordinates with subvented NGOs including Integrated Children and Youth Services Centres, school social work service and youth outreaching social work, etc. with a view to enhancing resilience and fostering positive life values.  Two job-shadowing projects with cross-sectoral collaboration, involving corporate leaders and operators of care services for elders and persons with disabilities (PWDs), will continue to be implemented to provide more exposure to young persons and encourage them to develop their potentials.  At the same time, DSWO continues to facilitate the implementation of various initiatives and funding programmes of the Department to support children and young persons from disadvantaged backgrounds at district level.

Elderly Services

To early identify needs of hidden elders, single-elder / two-elder households and elders with dementia in the district, DSWO facilitates cross-sector collaboration to arrange concern visits to the target elders as well as their carers so as to provide them with timely support.  Meanwhile, the Service Quality Group (SQG) Scheme for residential care homes for the elderly (RCHEs) continues to involve community stakeholders in visiting RCHEs in the district and contributing views to enhance service quality of RCHEs.  While a number of Opportunities for the Elderly Projects will be implemented in 2018-2020 to foster mutual care and support in the neighbourhood and promote the development of an age-friendly community, in line with the policy of “ageing in place as the core, institutional care as back-up”, DSWO continues to facilitate the implementation of various initiatives and pilot schemes of the Department to support elders and their carers at district level.

Rehabilitation Services

On top of regular rehabilitation services, to foster integration into community, DSWO continues to work with rehabilitation service units and local organizations in enhancing vocational rehabilitation support and promoting employment of PWDs.  While the SQG Scheme for residential care homes for persons with disabilities (RCHDs) and the district platform of Support Residents of Private RCHDs both involve cross-sectoral participants in bid to bring in ideas to improve the care and support for PWDs living in RCHDs, the platform of District Task Group on Community Mental Health Support Services facilitates relevant stakeholders and professionals to formulate strategies to address district needs pertinent to mental health.  Along the Department’s service direction, DSWO continues to facilitate the implementation of various initiatives and pilot schemes of the Department to support PWDs and their carers at district level.

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Social Welfare Department
Kowloon City and Yau Tsim Mong District Social Welfare Office
September 2018