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- Best Practice Manual

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Best Practice Manual  

As recommended by the Lump Sum Grant Independent Review Committee, the welfare sector should develop a Best Practice Manual (BPM) for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on human resource management, financial management, as well as corporate governance and accountability.  To this end, the Social Welfare Department (SWD) commissioned a consultancy study (which included a research report and a proposed BPM framework) and has been working with the sector to develop the BPM since 2010 through a number of visits, meetings and consultation sessions.  The 14 items of BPM were finally endorsed by the Lump Sum Grant Steering Committee(LSGSC) in April 2014 and came into effect on 1 July 2014. And later, through the discussion of Working Group on Implementation Details of the BPM and deliberation of LSGSC at its meeting held in July 2018, LSGSC endorsed the implementation of 3 new items with effect from 1 October 2018.


Briefing Sessions

For this purpose, SWD organised the first briefing for the sector in June 2014, and also held the second briefing in September 2018 as to share the implementation progress of the 14 items from 2014 to 2017, to introduce the enhanced monitoring measures and the 3 new items, and to invite NGOs to share the good practice on Level Two items. Both presentations (Chinese version only) can be downloaded here - 



The Presentation Slide (Chinese Version Only)
1. First briefing
    BPM (17 June 2014) PDF Document

2. Second briefing
    Implementation Progress on BPM, enhanced monitoring measures and 3 new items (26 September 2018) 
    PDF Document
    The Questions and Answers for briefing (26 September 2018)  PDF Document
    NGO Sharing
    ►Brief of Ebenezer School and Home for the Visually Impaired  Link
    ►Brief of Haven of Hope Christian Service  PDF Document


The Best Practice Manual
The Best Practice Manual  PDF Document (Chinese version only)


The BPM Self-assessment Checklists (Revised Oct 2021)
(Level One)  Word Document 
(Level Two)  Word Document



Summary of Returns of the Self-assessment Checklists of the Best Practice Manual 
(Position as at 31 March 2021) PDF Document