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2015-12-23 CSSA caseload for November
2015-12-16 DSW calls on people to show care and concern for neighbourhood and the needy during cold weather
2015-12-13 SWD to invite applications for 11th batch of Support Programme for Employees with Disabilities
2015-12-05 One thousand volunteers commended on International Volunteer Day
2015-12-01 Businesses create harmonious workplaces to support outstanding employees with disabilities
2015-11-30 SWD launches API to promote importance of continuing parental responsibility
2015-11-18 Series of seminars and workshops under Envisioning Programme on the Best Practice Manual begins
2015-11-18 CSSA caseload for October
2015-11-14 Launching of Pilot Scheme on On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services this month
2015-11-10 SWD "Priceless Family Ties - Love My Family" Facebook page officially launched
2015-11-08 Senior Citizen Card Scheme catering concessions to be offered on Senior Citizens Day next Sunday
2015-10-31 Government dedicated to promoting neighbourhood support to build age-friendly community
2015-10-25 SWD to invite applications for IT schemes for persons with disabilities
2015-10-21 CSSA caseload for September
2015-10-15 SWD commends about 40 corporations and NGOs for actively promoting volunteering
2015-09-23 CSSA caseload for August
2015-09-21 SCS visits Social Welfare Department
2015-09-16 SWD to invite applications for 10th batch of Support Programme for Employees with Disabilities
2015-09-15 NGOs in welfare sector implement Best Practice Manual to enhance governance and move with the times
2015-08-19 CSSA caseload for July
2015-08-06 SWD reminds members of the public to keep personal data secure
2015-08-03 SWD enhances environmental cleanliness of welfare service units to tie in with "Keep Clean 2015@Hong Kong: Our Home" Campaign
2015-07-22 CSSA caseload for June
2015-07-20 Social Security recipients to get one-off additional payment this Friday
2015-07-14 Navigation Scheme for Young Persons in Care Services formally launched to inject new blood into social welfare care sector
2015-07-10 Second Report of Child Fatality Review Panel released
2015-06-24 CSSA caseload for May
2015-06-22 Social security payment rates to be adjusted with retrospective effect from February 1
2015-06-16 SWD refuses licence renewal application of private elderly home in Tai Po
2015-06-14 SWD to invite applications for ninth batch of Support Programme for Employees with Disabilities
2015-06-05 SWD receives written representations on licence renewal from private elderly home in Tai Po
2015-05-30 SWD to set up help desk in Tai Po
2015-05-29 SWD's position on licence renewal of private elderly home in Tai Po
2015-05-20 CSSA caseload for April
2015-05-13 Social enterprises praised for promoting employment for persons with disabilities
2015-05-04 Deadline approaching for flag day applications
2015-05-03 Over 300 families praised for commitment to foster care service
2015-04-29 CSSA caseload for March
2015-04-26 SWD to invite applications for IT schemes for persons with disabilities
2015-04-20 Applications for flag days in 2016-17
2015-03-31 Flag days in 2015-16
2015-03-21 100 youth volunteers commended at 15th anniversary of Hong Kong Outstanding Youth Volunteers Scheme
2015-03-18 CSSA caseload for February
2015-03-15 SWD to invite applications for eighth batch of Support Programme for Employees with Disabilities
2015-03-08 Relocation of SWD's Senior Citizen Card Office
2015-03-01 Commendation ceremony for Neighbourhood Support Child Care Project volunteer child carers
2015-02-18 CSSA caseload for January
2015-02-10 DSW, Tang Shiu Kin and Ho Tim Charitable Fund celebrate Lunar New Year with elderly
2015-01-29 Maximum rent allowance under CSSA Scheme to be adjusted upwards in February
2015-01-23 Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged - Dedicated Fund for After-school Learning and Support Programmes opens for application
2015-01-21 CSSA caseload for December 2014
2015-01-11 Enhanced After School Care Programme renders support to needy families