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- 21.3.2010: Speech by DSW at the Prize Giving Ceremony of the Walk Up Jardine House 2010 (English Version Only)


Speech by DSW at the Prize Giving Ceremony of the Walk Up Jardine House 2010 (English only)

Following is the speech by the Director of Social Welfare, Mr Patrick Nip, at the Prize Giving Ceremony of the Walk Up Jardine House 2010:

Mr. Anthony Nightingale [Chairman of Mindset], Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

             I am very pleased to be here today to join you all in this meaningful event - the 'Walk-up the Jardine House 2010'.  Founded by the Jardine Matheson Group in 2002 and being led by a group of very energetic and enthusiastic Jardine Ambassadors, the Mindset in the past years has been providing excellent support to needy individuals, their family members and welfare organizations in the mental health field.  The Jardine Ambassadors have also been proactively promoting community awareness and understanding of mental health issues.           

             For today's annual Walk-up event, I know that participants from all walks of life gather here for a single but meaningful shared mission, to show our support to the disadvantaged persons in the community, by raising fund for the first 'Mindset Place', a residential care home to be operated by the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association for the provision of social rehabilitation services to persons with chronic mental illness. 

            The Government attaches importance to the promotion of mental health.  In the coming financial year, the Social Welfare Department has secured additional annual provision of about $70 million to revamp the existing community mental health support services and set up Integrated Community Centres for Mental Wellness across the 18 districts to provide one-stop district-based community support services for persons with mental health problems.  A spectrum of services ranging from early prevention to risk management will be provided.  We will also enhance collaboration with the relevant stakeholders, particularly the Hospital Authority, at both the central and district levels in the provision of support to persons with mental illness and their family members and carers.             

            Apart from Government's efforts in improving and streamlining the social rehabilitation services in the community, it is equally imperative to involve all sectors of the community, including the business sector, to provide appropriate support to persons in need.  That is why I am so pleased to learn that the Jardine Matheson Group had all along been taking very proactive actions to respond to the ever-changing community needs and contribute greatly in helping the vulnerable persons to lead a life with dignity and independence.  The setting up of their first 'Mindset Place' is an impressive move on how the business sector could help bring more service alternatives for our service users.  With the concerted efforts of the government, non-governmental organisations and the business sector, I am sure that we can provide very effective support services to persons with mental health problems.  In addition, I have to mention that your excellent effort in promoting volunteer services to serve the vulnerable groups is setting a very good example for other corporations to follow with the common mission to invest in making a caring society in Hong Kong.            

            Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank Jardine Matheson Group for their sustained contribution to helping the needy and I wish the Group every success with the Mindset project.  I wish you all a very good day.  Thank you very much. 

March 21, 2010 (Sunday)