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- Approved Charitable Fund-raising Activities


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Approved Charitable Fund-raising Activities


While the public are always enthusiastic and supportive towards charitable fund-raising activities, the Social Welfare Department (SWD) would like to suggest the public get to know the integrity, management, financial condition, and purposes of fund-raising, etc. of the charitable fund-raising organisation concerned prior to their donations.

The details of the charitable fund-raising activities covered by public subscription permit (flag  days, general charitable fund-raising activities and solicitation of signed authorisation forms) issued by the SWD, including the date, time and specific locations of the events, have been uploaded to the GovHK. For details, please click here. The public can scan the “QR Code” printed on the permit issued by the SWD to access directly to the concerned webpage of the GovHK for details of the approved activities under respective public subscription permits.

You may also search through the GovHK for the list of organisations granted with Lottery Licences by the Office of the Licensing Authority, Home Affairs Department and Temporary Hawker Licences granted by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department for conducting charitable fund-raising activities.

The public should refrain from making donations and also report the matter to the Police in case of suspected fraudulent charitable fund-raising activities. The “Police Magazine” introduced GovHK on 5 October 2012. The clip is attached below :