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- Archive for Highlights of the Year 2019-20

Highlights of the Year 2019-20


  • On 1 August 2019, Clinical Psychology Unit 6 was established.  The unit has a staffing of 1 Senior Clinical Psychologist, 10 Clinical Psychologists (CP), 2 Assistant Clerical Officers & 1 Workman II.
  • Since June 2019, 1 CP post has been created in Clinical Psychological Service Branch (CPSB) to focus on handling family casework.
  • CPSB embarked on the initiative of implementing a three-year pilot project: “Use of Innovation and Virtual Reality Technology for Enhancement of Psychological Trauma Treatment Protocol”.  The project aims at improving the quality of psychological service through adoption of technology.
  • CPs provided teletherapy to service recipients who were unable to attend office interviews during COVID-19.


  • From 1 August 2019 onwards, Central Psychological Support Service (CPSS) (Pre-school Service) provided in-depth psychological treatment for children with special education needs (SEN) and their caregivers, helping them handle their emotional, behavioral, marital, and family problems.  Individual, couple/family or group therapies were conducted to address their difficulties as warranted.
  • From 1 August 2019 onwards, CPSS (Adult Service) [CPSS(AS)] launched the Life Transition Support Service (LTSS) to enhance support to adult rehabilitation units receiving CPSS(AS).  LTSS focuses on providing essential and timely psychological support for persons with developmental disabilities (PWDDs) and their caregivers at important life transitions and over related issues along their course of life.  CPs of CPSS(AS) will assist rehabilitation service units in formulating individualised long-term care plans and providing support services so as to facilitate smoother life transitions for service users and their families and promote their general psychosocial well-being and quality of life across various stages of life.


  • CPSB provided timely psychological support to family members of the deceased in the Sheung Shui bus accident in December 2019.  The psychological services included supporting the members of deceased at the Kwai Chung Mortuary and arranging individual psychotherapy for the family members of the deceased.


  • In order to enhance the public’s stress coping capacity during COVID-19, CPSB developed “2020 Psycho-education Information Hub for Combatting the Novel Coronavirus” in February 2020, which contains a variety of information about combating COVID-19 to address the needs of different individuals.  Beginning from 24 February 2020, CPs of CPSB showed up in a radio programme session every Monday to talk on “Psychology of Resilience” with a view to enhancing the resilience of individuals and strengthening familial relationship.  The Information Hub and the radio programme have been uploaded onto SWD’s homepage.  CPSB also produced a 7-minute video titled “Walking with You under COVID-19” with a view to enhancing couples’ parenting co-operation, which has also been uploaded onto SWD’s YouTube channel.
  • CPs of CPSB participated in a total of 23 interviews or talks to the public during the year through multi-media platforms such as newspapers, TV programmes, radio programmes to promote messages on mental health.
  • CPSB published 2 books titled “Home is love: Notes of clinical psychologists on Family/Couple therapy work” and “Through and beyond Trauma”.  In order to help the public and staff of SWD in managing emotions and coping with stress, an eight-page leaflet named “Master Your Emotions: Regulation Strategies” together with 2 demonstration videos have also been uploaded onto SWD’s homepage and YouTube channel.


  • CPs of SWD conducted a total of 148 training programmes for social workers and other professionals during the year, among which 23 training programmes were rendered to youth workers, school social workers, school teachers and principals in relation to social incidents.