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- Archive for 2019 - 2020 (Annual Service Provision and Statistics CPSB)

 2019-20 Annual Service Provision and Statistics

Clinical Psychological Services 


Clinical Psychologists of SWD assess and treat clients who have psychological disturbances, aiming to ameliorate their distress and enhance their functioning. Clinical Psychologists also provide clinical consultation and training to allied professionals and public education on mental health issues.
Service Provision:

1) Case Work Service
As at 31 March 2020, there were 59 Clinical Psychologists, 6 Senior Clinical Psychologists and 1 Chief Clinical Psychologist in SWD.  Clinical Psychologists and Senior Clinical Psychologists are posted to six Clinical Psychology Units of the Clinical Psychological Service Branch serving the whole territory.  45 Clinical Psychologists receive referrals for psychological assessment and psychotherapy from integrated family service centres, family and child protective services units, probation and community service orders offices and medical social services units. 14 Clinical Psychologists provide service through the Central Psychological Support Services (CPSS): clinical case consultation, psychotherapy, staff and parent training for pre-school centres as well as adult rehabilitation units operated by NGOs
Children and adolescents form the main client group served by clinical psychologists. They are often victims of physical or sexual violence, cases for custody evaluation, or individual presenting behavioral or emotional problems which are psychological in origin.  Adults were seen for a variety of reasons ranging from mood disorders, chronic difficulties in interpersonal relationships, adjustment problems, sexual deviations and various forms of offences against the law.  Some others might be perpetrators or victims in case of domestic violence. 
The Breakdown of Referrals by Age (2019-2020):

Figures of The Breakdown of Referrals by Age (2019-2020)

2019-2020 Case Work service Output:
No. of Psychological or intellectual assessments 2,147
No. of Treatment sessions 17,545
New cases served 2,231
2) Service Statistics – Central Psychological Support Service (CPSS)
Summary of CPSS(Adult) Cases [Apr to July 2019] Total
No. of Clinical Visits 350.5
No. of no. of clinical assessment / consultation / treatment sessions 898
Summary of CPSS(Adult) Cases [Aug 2019 to Mar 2020] Total
No. of Clinical Visits 647.5
No. of Clinical Assessment / Consultation / Treatment
No. of LTSS Assessment [ASSLTSS] 99
No. of LTSS Intervention    [INLTSS] 308
LTSS Caseload at end of month 564
No. of Caregiver Training    [CTSA] 28
No. of Service Consultation & Project Dev. 641.9
Summary of CPSS(Preschool) Cases [April to July 2019] Total
No. of Clinical Visits 396.5
No. of Clinical assessment / consultation / treatment sessions 387
No. of Service Consultations/ staff / parent training sessions 179
Summary of CPSS(Preschool) Cases [Aug 2019 to Mar 2020] Total
No. of Clinical Visits 650.5
No. of individual case Assessment / Consultation 694
No. of psycho-education groups / staff training / talks/ service consultation / service development 466
No. of case handling sessions (1 unit = 1.5 hr) 537.9
No. of assessment (for in-depth psychological treatment) 105
No. of cases receiving in-depth psychological treatment 96