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- Homes for the Aged

Homes for the Aged
Homes for the AgedIntroduction
Homes for the Aged provide residential care, meals and a limited degree of assistance in activities of daily living for elders who are unable to live independently in the community yet are not dependent on assistance with personal or nursing care, and are assessed to be of no or mild impairment level under the Standardised Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Services.

Leaflet on Homes for the Aged can be downloaded here.
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Nature of Service
The following services are provided for residents in Homes for the Aged:
(a) accommodation within shared rooms;
(b) provision of at least 3 meals a day;
(c) provision of social work service (e.g. assessment, counselling, referrals, programme activities, etc.);
(d) assistance in daily living activities such as cleaning and heavy laundry;
(e) assistance in activities of a personal nature (e.g. letter writing etc.) for those residents requiring such; and

activities organised on a regular basis to meet the social and recreational needs of residents, to encourage residents to pursue their interests, and to maintain residents' contact with the community and families.

Eligibility Criteria *
To be eligible for admission to a home for the aged, an applicant should be:

(a) aged 65 or above #;
(b) assessed to be suitable for admission to Homes for the Aged through the
     Standardised Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Services;

(c) having a social or housing need and unable to live independently;
(d) capable of maintaining personal hygiene and managing laundry of personal clothing;
(e) experiencing difficulties in performing/managing other activities of daily living such
     as cooking, cleaning, going to the market and doing heavy laundry; and

(f) physically and mentally suitable for communal living.
# Persons aged between 60 and 64 may apply if there is a proven need for residential care based on health and/or social grounds, subject to their meeting the admission criteria.
Monthly Fee

- $1,559 - Disability Allowance recipient (including Disability Allowance recipient who has been admitted to existing place before 1.4.2013 but opt to receive Old Age Living Allowance on or after 1.4.2013)

- $1,481 - Non-Disability Allowance recipient

* With effect from 1 January 2003, the Social Welfare Department has ceased to accept new applications for placement in (i) Hostels for the Elderly and (ii) Homes for the Aged. Starting from 2005-06, these places have gradually been phased out and converted into care-and-attention places providing a continuum-of-care.  Self-care hostel places have already completed the conversion.