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- Probation Service (PO)

Probation Service
Service Description
Probation service is a community-based programme whereby, in accordance with the Probation of Offenders Ordinance (Chapter 298), an offender is placed under statutory supervision of a probation officer (PO) for a period of one to three years. The ultimate goal of probation service is to assist offenders to re-integrate into the community as law-abiding citizens.

The objectives of probation service are -
(a) to make recommendation to the court on the suitability of offenders to be put on Probation Order;
(b) to implement the court's directives on the treatment and rehabilitation of those offenders put under Probation supervision;
(c) to assist probationers in making positive changes in their attitude and behaviour;
(d) to enhance their life coping skills to avoid re-offending;
(e) to strengthen their family support in the process of rehabilitation;
(f) to utilize community resources to meet the needs of offenders referred by court and, where necessary, those of their family members.
Nature of Service
(a) In serving the courts and the parties concerned, POs prepare pre-sentence reports including Probation Officer's Reports, Suitability Reports for Community Service Order, progress reports of the probationers and social welfare reports on long-term prisoners and petition cases.
(b) The services provided for the probationers include statutory supervision, personal guidance and family counselling through regular interviews, home visits, group work and other activities during their probation period.
(c) Where appropriate, offenders, probationers and their family members are referred to approved institutions run by the Department or residential homes for children and youth with emotional / behavioural problems run by non-governmental organisations, related units or agencies for psychological treatment, welfare services and other services such as Volunteer Scheme for Probationers.
Target Group

The target group is offenders who
(a) are referred by court for social enquiry;
(b) are ordered by court to be put under probation supervision;
(c) have completed the probation order but are willing to receive voluntary supervision up to three months;
(d) are serving sentence in prison launching petition or being subject to review; or
(e) are referred by court for welfare assistance or other professional reports.

List of Probation and Community Service Orders Offices

There are seven Probation and Community Service Orders Offices (PCSOs) and the High Court and District Court Probation Office (HC&DCPO) serving the seven Magistrates' Courts, the District Court and the High Court (i.e. the Court of First Instance & the Court of Appeal). The address and telephone list of the HC&DCPO and the seven PCSOs can be downloaded here PDF Document (Acrobat Doc) 

Office Hours

(Monday to Friday) : 8 : 45 a.m. to 6 : 00 p.m.
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays


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