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- Special Child Care Centre (SCCC)

- Special Child Care Centre (SCCC)

Special Child Care Centre

Service Description
It provides special training and care for children with moderate to severe disabilities to facilitate their growth and development, helping them prepare for primary education.

Eligibility for the Service
Children aged two to under six who have not yet started primary school and are either:

  moderately or severely mentally handicapped;
  moderately or severely physically handicapped;
  deaf or with severe to profound hearing impairment;
  blind or with severe visual impairment; or

* Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services accepts parents to register application for Special Child Care Centre (SCCC) service for children below the age of two in advance.  However, when there are available places, these children have to meet the basic admission criteria of SCCC, including reaching the age of two, before they could be eligible for service allocation.

Application Procedures
Referrals can be made by social workers or staff of rehabilitation service units to the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services of the Social Welfare Department.  The application is free of charge.  The applicant should report to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) immediately in case anyone offers to assist in application for placement in return for remuneration.  Attempted bribery by any person is also an offence in law, SWD will refer the case to ICAC for investigation.

Fees and Charges
The service fee for Special Child Care Centre has been waived with effect from September 2017.

List of Special Child Care Centres
Addresses and telephone numbers can be downloaded here.
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