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- Residential Respite Service

Residential Respite Service

Service Description
It provides family members/carers of persons with disabilities with a planned short break so that they may attend to their personal business such as undergoing a medical operation or taking a vacation tour.  Its purpose is to make life for those involved in routine care for persons with disabilities less stressful and more stimulating.  This service has been extended to serve children with disabilities aged from 6 to 15 since April 2008.  Designated residential respite service has also been provided by the private residential care homes for persons with disabilities (RCHDs) under the Bought Place Scheme (BPS) since March 2021.

Eligibility for the Service
To be eligible for the service, an applicant should be:
persons with intellectual or physical disability or in mental recovery;

aged 6 or above (individual service units will only admit persons with disabilities aged 15 or above);

physically and mentally suitable for communal living and not suffering from behavioural problems or contagious disease; and

in need of a certain level of personal / nursing care not beyond the level provided by the particular type of residential service.

Service Period
Subject to the vacancy available in individual service unit, the service period should be no more than 14 consecutive days in general;
the service can be utilized repeatedly; and
the service unit concerned may have the discretion to extend the service period in exceptional cases.
Application Procedures
Application can be made by parents/carers themselves directly or via social workers of medical social service units, integrated family services centres, special schools or rehabilitation service units to the service units operating the residential respite service; and
applicants should complete a Declaration Form on Health Conditions for Admission to Residential Respite Service and the service unit may further request for medical examination as necessary.

Fees and Charges

Service charges are calculated on a daily basis depending on the type of hostel / home concerned / number of day(s) used and the subvention levels of the service. The general fee charging rates of the service are:


Existing daily charge for service users receiving Disability Allowance (Note 1)

Existing daily charge for service users not receiving Disability Allowance (Note 1)

Hostel for Moderately Mentally Handicapped Persons (HMMH)

Private RCHDs under BPS (providing Medium Level of Care)

$52 $49

Hostel for Severely Mentally Handicapped Persons (HSMH) 

Hostel for Severely Physically Handicapped Persons (HSPH) 

Hostel for Severely Physically Handicapped Persons with Mental Handicap (HSPH/MH)

Care and Attention Home for Severely Disabled Persons (C&A/SD)

Private RCHDs under BPS (providing High Level of Care)

$62 $55
Supported Hostel $33 $30

Note 1: With the prior approval from the Social Welfare Department, individual service units may charge higher rates under individual circumstances. 

List of Residential Respite Service (Including Residential Respite Place Provided by Designated Vacancy and Casual Vacancy)
Addresses and telephone numbers can be downloaded here.

Subvented RCHDs

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Private RCHDs under BPS
Acrobat Document  MSWord Document
Information of Designated Residential Respite Service under BPS for Private RCHDs can be downloaded below
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