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- Community Rehabilitation Day Centre (CRDC)

Community Rehabilitation Day Centre
Service Objectives
Community Rehabilitation Day Centre (CRDC) provides both professional rehabilitation training service and psychosocial rehabilitation services to discharged patients. It aims at enhancing the patients' physical functioning and self-maintenance abilities; strengthening their domestic living and community living skills; helping them restructure a healthy lifestyle and productive life roles so as to facilitate their integration into the community. CRDC also provides day respite care service for discharged patients, training programmes and educational courses for their family members / carers to strengthen their caring capacities and relieve their pressure so as to improve their quality of living.
Target Participants
Rehabilitation Training Service
Discharged patients who are :
  aged 15 and above; and
  suffering from stroke, neurological or physical impairments, or other physical illnesses affecting their functional performance and in need of continuous rehabilitation training.
Day Care Service for Severely Disabled Persons
Severely mentally handicapped / severely physically persons aged between 15 and 59.
Day Respite Service
Discharged patients as stipulated above.
Carer Support Service
Family members / carers of discharged patients as stipulated above.
Service Nature
Time-defined centre-based individual or group rehabilitation training programmes;
Home-based training service;
Training programmes / educational courses / workshops for the family members / carers;
Supportive services including the organization of mutual support groups for discharged patients, the launching of public education programmes and the provision of consultation services to support groups and rehabilitation units in the community;
Day respite care service; and
Day care service for severely disabled persons.
Application Procedure
Rehabilitation Training Service
  Must be referred by medical officers / occupational therapists / physiotherapists of the Hospital Authority through the SWD approved standardized referral system.
Day Care Service for Severely Disabled Persons
  Must be referred by social worker.
Day Respite Care Service
  Referred by social worker; or
  Can approach the centre for direct application for the service
Carer Support Service
  Referred by social worker/medical staff; or
  Can approach the centre for direct application for the service.
The application is free of charge
Fee Charging
Service charges are based on different nature of services and activities provided.
List of Community Rehabilitation Day Centre
Addresses and telephone numbers can be downloaded here.
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