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- Support Centre for Persons with Autism (SPA)

Support Centre for Persons with Autism (SPA)
  Service Description
  Support Centre for Persons with Autism (SPA) through its multidisciplinary team, provides a range of tailored training and support services for young persons with high-functioning autism (HFA) to meet their individualised needs in coping with the challenges during their transition into adulthood.  SPA also offers support services for their parents/carers; and provides professional consultation service and training for frontline workers serving persons with autism.
  Scope of Services
  Individualised intervention programme and aftercare services to young persons with HFA
  Support services to parents/carers of young persons with HFA
  Dedicated hotline service for consultation and general support services to all parents/carers of persons with autism
  Professional training, telephone and special on-site consultation for frontline workers of subvented rehabilitation service units
  Telephone consultation on autism cases for frontline workers of service units in social welfare or educational setting
  Webpage and resource corner(s)
  Target Group
  Young persons aged 15 or above with autism and normal intelligence
  Parents/carers of young persons with autism
  Frontline workers who are rendering support and services to persons with autism and their families in subvented rehabilitation service units
  Frontline workers who are handling autism cases in service units in social welfare or educational setting
  Application Procedure
  Self-application of the above-mentioned target service users; or referral through doctors, social workers, allied health professionals, etc
  The application or referral is free of charge
  List of Non-governmental Organisations operating SPA
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