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- Overview of concession in the scheme


Shanghai Commercial Bank Limited2818 0282Waiving of service charges to card holders of SCB customer for the following 6 items: 1. Purchase of gift cheques 2. Purchase of cashier’s orders 3. Issuance of demand draft 4. Annual fee on application and replacement of ATM card 5. Coins exchange 6. Below Balance Services Fee
Public Bank (Hong Kong) Limited8107 08181. Passbook replacement fee - waived; 2. Gift cheque and Cashier's Order handling charge - waived; 3. Safe Deposit Box rental fee - 20% discount.
Dah Sing Bank Limited2828 80001. Waiving of service charges for purchase of gift cheque; 2. Hong Kong Dollar Fixed Deposit Offer: Fixed Deposit preferential offer applicable to deposit tenor of 1 month or above, with minimum amount of HK$200,000.
China CITIC Bank International Limited2287 6899Charge waiver - Applicable to Cashier's Order and Gift Cheque.
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited2189 55881. Extra mark-up interest rate for HKD fixed deposit of HKD50,000 or above with deposit tenor of 1 month or above; 2. 50% discount for purchase of gift cheque, cashier's order, demand draft, T/T (not applicable for Remittance in RMB, Remittance Express Service and Remitance Service with predetermined RMB exchange rate), CHATS, coin exchange and passbook replacement; 3. Waiver of Low Balance Fee for HKD Savings and Current Account; (The about privileges cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion offers).
Bank of China (Hong Kong)3988 23881. Preferential interest rates on time deposit: This offer only applies to new time deposit (excluding time deposit renewal) equivalent to HKD200,000 or above, with deposit period between 1 month and 1 year. The actual preferential annualized interest rate for the time deposit shall be subject to the currency and deposit periods; 2. Special offer on issuance of gift certificates: Customers of Bank of China (Hong Kong) can enjoy handling fee waiver on issuance of gift certificates at our branches. * To be eligible for the above offers, all the joint-account holders must be aged 55 or above. The Bank reserves the right to amend or withhold the above offers, relevant terms and conditions at its discretion without prior notice.
OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited3199 9188Fee Waiver for: - Issuance/Cancellation/Redeposit of cashier orders (excluding IPO application) - Issuance of gift cheques - Monthly deposit account maintenance fee - Re-issue of passbook - Setting up/amending/canceling of standing instruction - Demand draft application
CMB Wing Lung Bank2826 83331. Waiving of service charges for the following items: - Purchasing of cashier order and gift cheque. 2. Preferential interest rate for Fixed Deposits; 3. Second years' annual fee waiver for renting safe deposit box (size 3"" x 5"" x 22"") at Head Office, Mongkok Branch and Tokwawan Branch; 4. Exemption from ""Total Relationship Balance Service Fee"" - the fee is applicable to HKD, USD and RMB savings and current accounts and single foreign currency savings account and whose ""Daily average consolidated balance"" of customers' deposit accounts in the previous month is below HK$5,000.
The Bank of East Asia Limited2211 13331)Waiver of monthly service fee of i-Account. 2)Waiver of monthly maintenance fee (A monthly maintenance fee is applicable to the following accounts: HKD current, USD current, CNY current, HKD savings, multi-currency statement savings, foreign currency savings, and foreign exchange margin trading.) 3)Waiver of initial deposit requirement for account opening for HKD savings account and multi-currency statement savings account. 4)50% discount for purchase of gift cheque, cashier's order and demand draft. 5)Waiver of FastCash Card annual fee. 6)Waiver of paper statement fee. 7)Waiver of service fees for bulk cash deposit/payment and bulk cheque deposit/payment.
Nanyang Commercial Bank Limited2622 26331.Preferential interest rate for Time Deposit Service (Depending on the deposit currency, amount and circumstance at that time, please contact branches for details). 2.Fee waiver on issuance of gift cheque at our branches. 3.Waiver for the minimum balance monthly charges for HKD savings accounts and current accounts. 4.Counter service fee waiver. 5.Waiver of annual fee for NCB Wealth Management ATM Card and ‘NCB Fast Cash Card’ for the elderly. * The Bank reserves the right to amend or withhold the above offers, relevant terms and conditions at its discretion without prior notice.
Hang Seng Bank Limited2822 02281. Handling fee waiver- Applicable to purchase of Gift Cheque, Cashier's Order (except issuance of Cashier's Order for the purpose of IPO subscription), set up/amendment of Standing Instruction and loss replacement of passbook/chop; 2. Monthly fee waiver of $50 below balance service fee- Applicable to HKD Passbook/Statement Savings Account with average daily balance below $5,000.
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited2233 3000Waiving of service charges for the following items: 1. Purchasing gift cheques; 2. Purchasing cashier's orders; 3. Setting up, amending or cancelling standing instructions; 4. Passbook replacement due to damage to passbook or loss of chop; 5. Exempt from the monthly fee for minimum balance below $5,000 for Hong Kong Dollar Saving Accounts.
Chong Hing Bank Limited3768 68881. Fixed Deposit Preferential Interest Rate - Applicable to fixed deposit in designated currency with tenor of one month or above; 2. Service Charges Discount - Applicable to issuance of gift cheque, Cashier's Order and passbook replacement due to damage or loss of passbook.
Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited2820 3333Applicable to Standard Chartered customer: 1)Wavier of low balance monthly maintenance fee. 2)Wavier on issuance of gift cheque. 3)Simplified ATM Card Service with free annual fee. 4)The fee for reporting a loss passport is waived. 5)The fee for issuing promissory note is waived. 6) Waiver of fee for mailing monthly statment.