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The IT Scheme for People with Visual Impairment


To subsidise people with visual impairment (PVI) to have access to information technology (IT), and enhance their chance of use of IT for their fuller inclusion into the community. 


To support non-governmental and not-for-profit organisations providing services / schooling to PVI and tertiary institutions to acquire advanced Chinese screen readers, Braille displays and accessories to facilitate PVI's surfing in the information world on Internet; and to subsidise individual PVI who requires the usage of high-performance IT for the purpose of studies or employment, but has genuine financial difficulty in purchase of the aids.

Items to be Supported

  • High-performance Chinese screen reader;  
  • Braille display of 40 cells;
  • Accessories/ portable devices. 


  • Non-governmental and non-profit organisations primarily providing services / schooling to PVI;
  • Eligible individuals with visual impairment.


  • The communal service points / centres of the organisations mentioned above without the supported devices for PVI to facilitate their access to IT; and
  • The individual with visual impairment who demonstrate a need for the supported items for studies and / or employment purpose but their schools / employers do not provide such aids and they themselves cannot afford such aids due to genuine financial difficulty.  Applicants have to be nominated by the designated organisations and satisfy other conditions set out by the Social Welfare Department.

Subsidised Amount

Computer AidAdvanced Chinese Screen ReaderBraille DisplayAccessories
Maximum subsidised amount for successful organisational applicantsMaximum $9,800 per setMaximum $36,000 per setMaximum $66,300 per set
Maximum subsidised amount for successful individual applicants$9,800$32,400 $49,600

Application Procedures

  • The deadline for this round of call for applications is 17 April 2024. 
  • Please note that Social Welfare Department will send out invitations for applications to eligible organisations and individual PVI of half-year intervals through newspaper, on SWD's homepage or by mail;
  • Applications have to be tendered by means of the prescribed application forms.
Item / NameDownload File
Information NotesPDFWord
Application Form (for Individual Applicants with Visual Impairment)PDFWord
Proforma (for Organisational Applications)PDFWord


Please contact the Rehabilitation and Medical Social Services Branch of SWD for further details:

Phone number:3586 3594
Fax number:2834 7046