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Support Programme for Employees with Disabilities


To support the employment of persons with disabilities, the Support Programme for Employees with Disabilities (SPED) provides employers of persons with disabilities with a one-off subsidy in respect of each employee with disabilities for procurement of assistive devices and/or workplace modifications.  SPED aims to facilitate employees with disabilities in discharging their duties at the workplace and enhance their work efficiency.

Level of Subsidy

The subsidy is capped at a maximum support level of HK$40,000 for each employee with disabilities.

Scope of Support

Any assistive devices and workplace modifications which cater for the special needs of employees with disabilities at the workplaces may be supported.  Examples include but are not limited to accessories or adaptive equipment for computer, optical magnifying device, hearing and assistive devices, Braille products, handrails, etc.


Applicants of the SPED must be employers of persons with disabilities.  They should be nominated and referred by the following referring organisations - 

  • non-governmental organisations (NGOs) operating SWD-subvented vocational rehabilitation services;
  • NGOs running training courses for persons with disabilities or persons recovering from work injuries with the funding support of the Employees Retraining Board;
  • the Selective Placement Division of the Labour Department;
  • the Vocational Training Council; or
  • Po Leung Kuk SPED Office.


  • SWD accepts applications all year round;
  • Applications have to be made on the prescribed form and submitted by mail or by hand to SWD through the referring organisations;
  • Employers of persons with disabilities may consult Po Leung Kuk SPED Office for applications requiring special arrangement; and
  • Application is free of charge.
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Information Note on the SPEDPDF
Annex 1: Application Form for the SPEDPDFWord
Annex 2: SPED Reference List of Supported ItemsPDFWord
Online ApplicationE-form


Please contact Po Leung Kuk SPED Office-

Phone number:3525 1013
Fax number:3525 1041