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Designated Hotline for Carer Support 182 183

Service Description

Designated Hotline for Carer Support (Carer Hotline) operates 24-hour service. The Hotline will be answered by professional social workers and aims to reduce the stress and burden induced by daily caregiving, and enhance their caring capability continuously. It provides instant support by phone to the carers, crisis intervention and outreaching service to those facing emergency situation without support. The Hotline will make referrals to the mainstream welfare units so as that the carers would receive long term casework service.

Target Group

  • Carer of elderly persons; and 
  • Carer of persons with disabilities/persons in mental recovery.

Service Provision

The Carer Hotline will provide the following services:
  • providing various community resources on carer support and service referral according to the callers’ needs;
  • instant assessment on the callers’ condition and needs with the stratified risk assessment tool, so as to match the callers with appropriate support service;
  • providing instant counselling, outreaching visits to cases with urgent needs;
  • maintaining close contact and establishing networking and cooperation relationship with the day/residential respite service units to match the elderly persons or persons with disabilities in need with respite services; and
  • providing transport subsidy for carers with financial difficulties to assist them in escorting elderly persons or persons with disabilities in needs to receive respite services.

Fees and Charges

Free of charge

Contact Means

6/F, Wong Fung Ling Memorial Building, 12 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan, HK (Forward to carer hotline office)

Tel No:
182 183