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Strive and Rise Programme

Strive and Rise Programme


Senior Leadership:
The Chief Secretary for Administration is leading an inter-departmental Task Force to take forward the Strive and Rise Programme through tripartite collaboration between the Government, the business sector and the community

Target Mentees:
Secondary One to Four students from underprivileged families, particularly those living in subdivided units

Quota of Mentees:
4 000 

Programme Objective:
To help mentees broaden their horizons, reinforce their self-confidence, develop a positive outlook on life, set goals for their future and strive for upward mobility

Three Elements of the Programme:

  • Mentorship: Mentees will each be paired up with a volunteer mentor who will share his/her life experience to help the mentees build up their self-confidence and guide them to develop their personal goals in a proactive and positive manner; the mentors will also assist their mentees in developing positive financial planning concepts and applying effectively the financial support provided under the Programme
  • Personal development plans: Mentors will inspire mentees to explore more possibilities for personal development, develop action plans and make good use of financial resources to achieve their personal development plans under guidance
  • Financial support: Each mentee will be given a start-up sum of $5,000 for spending under the guidance of the mentor to achieve his/her personal development plan; upon successful completion of the Programme, a scholarship of $5,000 will be awarded to the mentee for his/her own deployment by applying the financial planning concepts acquired

Programme Duration:
Intensive foundation programme for one year and Alumni Club for two years

Please visit the website of the Strive and Rise Programme for information about the Progamme:

Programme Structure

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Programme Structure PDF


Recruitment commences on 27 October 2023 and will end on 16 November 2023. Students can approach their schools and District Organisers for enquiry and application.
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List of Non-Governmental Organisations Assisting in Strive and Rise Programme PDF
Online Application for Strive and Rise Programme Online Form


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