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Elderly Services Programme Plan Promotion Video (Chinese Version Only)
Elderly Services Programme Plan Promotion Video
Full story of Elderly Services Programme Plan Promotion Video (Chinese Version Only)


Core Welfare Services
Social Security
The overall objective of social security in Hong Kong is to provide for the basic and special needs of the members of the community who are in need of financial or material assistance.
  More about Core Welfare Services
Family and Child Welfare Services
A comprehensive network of welfare services to cater for family needs through the provision of a continuum of preventive, supportive and remedial services.
  More about Family and Child Welfare Services
Medical Social Service
Medical social workers (MSWs) are stationed in public hospitals and specialist out-patient clinics who play an important role in linking up the medical and social services to facilitate patients' recovery and rehabilitation in the community.
  More about Medical Social Service
Services for People with Disabilities
Aims to acknowledge the equal rights of people with disabilities to be full members of the community by assisting them in developing their physical, mental and social capabilities to the fullest possible extent and by promoting their integration into the community.
  More about Services for People with Disabilities
Services for Elders
To enable elderly people to live in dignity and to provide necessary support to them to promote their sense of belonging, sense of security and sense of worthiness.
  More about Services for Elders
Services for Young People
Helping young people to become responsible and contributing members of society through a wide range of programmes and activities.
  More about Services for Young People
Services for Offenders
Effective rehabilitation services for offenders require the incorporation of specially designed treatment programmes to guide offenders onto the right track, prevent them from committing crime again, and assist them to start afresh so that they can become not only lawful citizens but also contributing members of society.
  More about Services for Offenders

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Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
Approved Fund-raising Activities
Elderly Services Programme Plan
Hong Kong's Legal Services
2018 Policy Address Public Consultation
Action Plan to Tackle TIP and to Enhance Protection of FDHs
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Lead in Drinking Water Incidents
Public Transport Fare Concession Scheme for the Elderly and Eligible Persons with Disabilities
Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund)
Report on the Work of the Current-term Government in its Fourth Year
List of Sign Language Interpreters in Hong Kong
Support Social Enterprises
Internet Memorial Service and Scattering of Cremated Ashes
Women Employment Website
Sexual Conviction Record Check
Social Workers Registration Board
Talent-Wise Employment Charter and Inclusive Organisations Recognition Scheme
Productivity Assessment for Employees with Disabilities under Statutory Minimum Wage Regime
Avoiding Sexual Assault


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