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The Department is organised into 13 headquarters branches:
Elderly Branch – Responsible for the development of elderly services
Family and Child Welfare Branch – Responsible for the development of family and child welfare services
Rehabilitation and Medical Social Services Branch – Responsible for the development of rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities and management of medical social services
Social Security Branch – Responsible for the administration and development of various social security schemes
Youth and Corrections Branch – Responsible for overseeing services for offenders and young people, and community development services
Clinical Psychological Service Branch – Responsible for devising and evaluating policies, rules and procedures relating to clinical psychological services
Licensing and Regulation Branch – Responsible for the planning, development and administration of licensing or registration matters under the purview of the Department
Administration Branch – Responsible for managing departmental general administration, appointments, establishment, personnel matters, staff relations and translation services
Finance Branch – Responsible for the planning and management of the Department’s financial and accounting matters
Information Systems and Technology Branch – Responsible for formulating and implementing the Department’s information technology (IT) strategies and plans, and promoting the use of IT and electronic services among Non-governmental Organisations in the social welfare sector to enable more effective management and delivery of services
Subventions Branch – Responsible for implementing the Lump Sum Grant Subvention System and administering the Lotteries Fund, and monitoring the relevant welfare services and projects
Planning and Development Branch – Responsible for planning and implementing capital works projects of welfare premises and facilities, and co-ordinating matters relating to the management and maintenance of welfare premises
Human Resource Management Branch – Responsible for building a highly committed, competent, versatile and skilled workforce to meet the objectives of the Department and the new challenges ahead

and the Corporate Affairs Office which supports the senior directorate in co-ordinating information and public relations strategies, customer services and other external affairs, strategic planning and research and statistics matters.

Organisation Chart
The headquarters branches are supported by eleven district offices organised on a geographical basis.





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