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$d $d
Together we build a caring community with
$d self-sufficiency
$d dignity
$d harmony
$d happiness

$d For our Customers
To provide quality social welfare services to enable them to meet life's challenges.
Alternate Text
$d For the Community
To promote social and family responsibilities.
$d For our Staff
To develop individual potential and reward results; and to empower and build an innovative, cohesive and professional team.
$d For Welfare Organizations
To promote synergy conducive to efficient and effective service delivery.

$d Professionalism
We will embrace the highest standards of integrity, endurance, knowledge and skills.
$d People-oriented Service
We will always be sensitive to people's needs and provide timely services with respect, fairness and confidentiality.
$d Community Participation
We will involve the community in attaining our service goals.
$d Effective Communication
We will strive to understand and to be understood.
$d Continuous Improvement
We will continuously strive for excellence.
$d $d




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