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Access Co-ordinator and Access Officer Scheme

It is Government's established policy objective to provide a barrier-free environment for persons with disabilities with a view to enabling them to access to premises and make use of the facilities and services therein on an equal basis with others, thereby facilitating them to live independently and fully integrate into the community.

To enhance the accessibility of Government premises and facilities, the Government has established an Access Co-ordinator and Access Officer Scheme. Within the Social Welfare Department, the Access Co-ordinator co-ordinates accessibility issues, whereas the Access Officer appointed at each of our venues serves as the first point of contact on accessibility issues, including offering assistance to persons with disabilities in the access to and use of services and facilities, and handling public enquiries and complaints on the issue.

Should you have any enquiries or comments on the accessibility of our premises, facilities and services, please contact our Access Co-ordinator and Access Officers as follows -

Access Co-ordinators in Social Welfare Department

Access Officers and Barrier-free Facilities in Social Welfare Department




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