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Central Western, Southern and Islands District Social Welfare Office

2019-20 District Annual Work Plan 

 Objective: Inspiration of Love, Care and Integration

Strategic Indicators



To enhance family support

  • Strengthening family functioning
  • Promoting family core values
  • Combating domestic violence
  • Developing harmonious family
  • Fostering healthy family living


To strengthen community network

  • Caring for the disadvantaged groups and their carers
  • Networking the socially isolated persons/families
  • Strengthening supportive network in the neighbourhood
  • Promoting active ageing to lead a more fulfilled life and encouraging the concept of respect and care for the elders
  • Building up social capital


To widen opportunity for more diversified collaboration

  • Promoting tripartite partnership among non-governmental organisations, business corporations and government and cross-sectoral collaboration
  • Promoting cross-service and district-based collaboration
  • Promoting cross-cultural collaboration
  • Widening opportunities for more diversified and sustainable collaboration


To promote social integration (transgenerational integration / integration of able-bodied and disabled persons / /inter-cultural integration)

  • Fostering transgenerational  harmony
  • Fostering social integration of able-bodied and disabled persons
  • Fostering inter-cultural harmony


To retrieve impaired relationships

  • Enhancing self-resilience
  • Strengthening interpersonal relationship and communication
  • Promoting caring culture


To promote youth development

  • Promoting participation of the youth in voluntary service and developing youth volunteer network
  • Establishing and strengthening positive values
  • Fostering the physical and mental well-being of youths at risk
  • Enhancing self-reliance of school drop-outs and unemployed youths
  • Developing potentials and dedications to society



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