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Shatin District Community Resources : Other Local Resources

Service Unit 

Nature of the Service

Target Group


The Spastics Association of Hong Kong - Jockey Club Rehabilitation Seating Service Centre

Wheelchair Repair Services and Manufacturing of Rehabilitation Equipment                  

The needy 2145 4968 / 2145 4626

EFCC - Hong Fook Church

Bradbury Community Health Development Centre







(1) Short- term Food  Assistance

(2) Collect twice a week but no more than three months with reference to individual cases.  Distributed items include vegetables, rice, noodles, canned food, biscuits and milk powder


(1) Residents in Shatin

(2) Low Income Families

(3) The unemployed

(4) New Arrivials

(5) Persons encountering emergency situations such as sudden death of family breadwinner and domestic violence

(6) Discretion would be considered for recipients of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance or non - Hong Kong residents

2648 9811 

Po Leung Kuk Tin Ka Ping Family Joy Centre

Temporary Food Assistance

(1) To offer dine in lunch and dinner to needy persons or families

(2) $10 each meal

(1) Aged 60 or above

(2) Persons / families who are in need of short-term or emergency food assistance  


2692 2600



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