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Lotteries Fund


The Lotteries Fund was created in June 1965 by Resolution of the Legislative Council for the purpose of financing social welfare services. The fund is primarily used to finance the capital expenditure of welfare projects and provide one-off grants to experimental projects with limited duration.

 Approval Authority

Subject to certain conditions, authority to approve grants from the Lotteries Fund has been delegated to the Director of Social Welfare, acting on the advice of the Lotteries Fund Advisory Committee.


A non-governmental organisation is eligible to apply for a grant from the Lotteries Fund if it is recognized by the Social Welfare Department, in consultation with relevant authorities where necessary, as a non-profit-making organisation providing a valuable welfare service to the community. 

'Application Form for Engagement of Authorised Persons / Consultants for Lodging Lotteries Fund Applications' can be downloaded here. 'Lotteries Fund Application Form' can be downloaded here  Excel Document(MS Excel) PDF Document(PDF).

Please study the 'Lotteries Fund Manual' (August 2015 Version) which can be downloaded here

Submission of Application

A non-governmental organisation should consult the relevant Service Branch / District Office of the Social Welfare Department on the purpose and scope of the proposed project. Application should be addressed to - 

Lotteries Fund Projects Section
Subventions Branch
Social Welfare Department
Rooms 3601-02, 36/F
Sunlight Tower
248 Queen's Road East

Reference materials for Applicants

Applicants should refer to the following information before making applications - 


" border= Lotteries Fund Circular No. 1; Lotteries Fund Circular No. 2; Lotteries Fund Circular No. 3; Lotteries Fund Circular No. 4; Lotteries Fund Circular No. 5; Lotteries Fund Circular No. 6; Lotteries Fund Circular No. 7.  
" border= Reference Furniture & Equipment List can be downloaded here
" border=  Price List of Common Furniture & Equipment can be downloaded here. 
" border=  Kindergarten-cum-child care centre converted upon the harmonisation of pre-primary services under the monitoring of the Education Bureau providing ancillary services may apply for Lotteries Fund. For purchase of furniture and equipment, applicant should refer to the list here.
" border=  Powerpoint of the briefing session held on 20 July 2015 on the new arrangement for procurement of furniture and equipment with the use of the Lotteries Fund can be downloaded here (Only Chinese version is avaliable). 
" border=  Answers to Questions (Oct 2005 revised version) raised by NGOs and APs/Consultants regarding the revamped procedures set out in the Lotteries Fund Manual held in 2001 can be download here
" border=  Streamlined Arrangement for Engagement of Authorised Persons / Consultants for Lotteries Fund Projects can be downloaded here.  
" border=  Notes on naming-after projects financed by the Lotteries Fund can be downloaded here. (NEW)


Sources of Income

The proceeds from the Mark Six Lottery are the main source of income of the Lotteries Fund.  Other regular sources of income include investment income and auctions of vehicle registration numbers.  Total receipts of the Fund during 2018-19 were $2.35 billion. 



" border=  During 2018-19, 636 allocations amounting to $3,104 million were made from the Lotteries Fund for capital works items, renovation, furniture, equipment and experimental projects.  The following represents a breakdown of Lotteries Fund allocations by programme areas - 


Lotteries Fund Allocations by Programme 2018-19

 " src=


Family & Child Welfare $1,129.25Mn (36.38%)
Elderly Service $851.85Mn (27.45%)
Rehabilitation $719.22Mn (23.17%)
Social Welfare Support $389.09Mn (12.54%)
Young People $14.36Mn (0.46%)


" border= 


List of projects with estimated additional recurrent funding requirement exceeding $10Mn in a full year arising from allocation from the Lotteries Fund can be downloaded below:



During 2018-19, expenditure incurred against allocations amounts to $1.73 billion. 



Office: Lotteries Fund Projects Section
Subventions Branch
Social Welfare Department
Rooms 3601-02, 36/F
Sunlight Tower
248 Queen's Raod East
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel. No.:  2832 4331 
Fax No.:  2151 0573 




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