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  Use of Facilities Provided by Holders of Private Recreational Leases  

Private Recreational Leases (PRLs) are special purpose leases granted to organisations that provide facilities for recreational purposes. All leaseholders may, at any time, decide on cooperation with any association or organisation to promote their own objectives and sports development. 


The rights and obligations of holders of PRLs are set out in their leases. One of the lease conditions requires that a leaseholder, if requested by a “competent authority” (i.e., the Civil Service Bureau, Education Bureau, Home Affairs Bureau, Leisure and Cultural Services Department and Social Welfare Department), should make available specified facilities for the use of eligible outside organisations for organising recreational and sports activities, subject to certain conditions. Eligible outside organisations are those under the respective purviews of the competent authorities, and may include schools, youth groups, welfare organisations, sports organisations and government departments. 


The relevant lease requirement allows a degree of public use of the sports facilities of holders of PRLs so as to help promote sport in Hong Kong. 


For details and information on the available sports facilities, please refer to the website of the Home Affairs Bureau:


Any eligible outside organisation which is interested in using any of the facilities operated by a holder of a PRL may contact the respective leaseholder or the Home Affairs Bureau (3509 7068 or 3509 8039) for enquiries.   







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