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  • The Chief Executive announced in his 2013 Policy Address that the Government would seek to use the Lotteries Fund more flexibly, and make better use of the land owned by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) through redevelopment or expansion to provide diversified subvented and self-financing facilities.
  • The Labour and Welfare Bureau /Social Welfare Department subsequently launched the Special Scheme on Privately Owned Sites for Welfare Uses (Phase One of the Special Sites Scheme) in September 2013 and received 63 applications submitted by 43 NGOs. After review, 13 project proposals, which are not able to proceed further due to various reasons (e.g. site constraints), have been removed from the Special Sites Scheme.
  • Under Phase One of the Special Sites Scheme, an NGO applicant  has to provide on its site  a net increase in the provision of one or more than one service on the list of facilities set out by the Government, through expansion, redevelopment or new development. The list includes facilities for three types of elderly services and eight types of services for persons with disabilities that are in great demand at present or in the foreseeable future.
  • On the basis of the updated proposals from the NGO applicants, if all the 50 proposals (excluding the 13 project proposals which were removed) under Phase One of the Special Sites Scheme could be implemented smoothly, a range of welfare facilities including about 9 000 additional elderly service places and about 8 000 additional rehabilitation service places would be provided.



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