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Notional Staffing Establishment of Subvented Services


Under the Lump Sum Grant Subvention System, Service Operators have the flexibility to deploy the subventions and arrange suitable staffing to meet the requirements as set out in the Funding and Service Agreements.  


Notional Staffing Establishment (NSE) is only used for calculating the recurrent subventions# for subvented services and should not be used for benchmarking the manpower and staffing structure of the subvented services.


Typical NSEs of various service types* by programme areas can be downloaded here.

  Typical NSEs 

There may be other additional resources on manpower for specific services, e.g. Dementia and Infirmary Care Supplements, and Allowances arising from the Implementation of the Minimum Wage Ordinance, etc.


Those specific service types on agency-based allocation or a unit costing basis are not included.




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