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Subventions Allocation Information

Operational Guidelines on FSA-related Activities and Cost Apportionment for Non-governmental Organisations (April 2023) 
$d Operational Guidelines PDF Document

$d Annex I Word Document  Annex II  Word Document  Annex III  Word Document
$d PPT for Briefing Session on 2.5.2023 (whole set) PDF Document 
$d PPT for Briefing Session on 2.5.2023
    Background PDF Document Content PDF Document Chapter 1 PDF Document Chapter 2 PDF Document

$d Frequently Asked Questions (Only Chinese version) PDF Document 

Correspondences and Documents Related to Subventions Allocation

$d Notification Letter on Social Welfare Subventions for 2023-24  PDF Document  

$d List of NGOs receiving respective subvention allocations for 2023-24 (as at 1 April 2023)  PDF Document

$d 2023-24 Subventions for Existing Services - Claim for Rent & Rates  Word Document  PDF Document 

$d Annual Financial Report (1 Apr 2022 - 31 Mar 2023)  
    AFR 2022-23  Word Document  PDF Document   
    Central Item 2022-23  Excel Document  PDF Document

Rent / Rates / Government Rent Subsidy for Non-subvented Welfare Services

     Rent / Rates / Government Rent Subsidy Scheme (The Scheme) aims at providing financial assistance to non-governmental organisations operating non-subvented welfare services in meeting community needs.  The Scheme is open for application on an annual basis.  It operates on some eligibility criteria and successful applicants have to meet all the criteria.

Rent / Rates / Government Rent Subsidy Scheme for 2022-23 is now open for application from eligible NGOs.  You may download the Application Form and Explanatory Notes under the Scheme from below.  For enquiry, please contact General Registry of Subventions Section at 2832 4348. 

(Note: The deadline of 2022-23 application is on 4 November 2022, application form and explanatory notes are for reference only)

 Letter dd 5.10.2022   PDF Document

 For General Application Form

 Application Form and Explanatory Notes   Word Document   PDF Document

For Electronic Application form

  Online Form
   Declaration Word Document   PDF Document
  Calculation Sheet Word Document   PDF Document


Common Posts in Subvented Non-governmental Organisations (for NGO reference only)

$d Salary Scale of Common Posts in the Non-governmental Organisations  PDF Document  (w.e.f. 1.4.2022)

$d Qualifications of Common Posts (July 2022)  PDF Document

2022-23 Civil Service Pay Adjustment

$d Letter to NGOs on Civil Services Pay Adjustment 2022-23  PDF Document    

$d Civil Service Pay Scales (w.e.f. 1.4.2022) (for NGO reference only)

     Master Pay Scale
     Model Scale 1 Pay Scale
     Directorate Pay Scale

Annual Progress Report on Use of Special One-off Grant (8 February 2007)
$d Scheme A  Word Document  PDF Document
$d Scheme B  Word Document  PDF Document

Monitoring of Remunerations of Staff in the Top Three Tiers of Non-governmental Organisations operating Subvented Welfare Services

$d Letter of 7 September 2022 to NGOs  PDF Document
$d Annex I & II   PDF Document

Implementation of the Statutory Minimum Wage

$d Letter of 28 March 2023 to NGOs


Implementation of the recommendations made in the Review Report on the Lump Sum Grant Subvention System

$d Letter of 22 May 2009 to NGOs  PDF Document (Image)  PDF Document (Text)
$d Letter of 10 March 2010 to NGOs  PDF Document (Image)  PDF Document (Text)
$d Letter of 6 August 2014 to NGOs  PDF Document
$d Letter of 2 July 2015 to NGOs  PDF Document



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