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Highlights of the Year 2020-21


  • The Lump Sum Grant Subvention System (LSGSS), which aims to improve the delivery of welfare services through greater flexibility in resources deployment, has been implemented since 1 January 2001.  As at 31 March 2021, 164 NGOs were funded under the LSGSS, accounting for about 99% of the total subventions.  SWD provides advice, guidance and support to NGOs on issues relating to performance monitoring and subvention matters.
  • To further optimise the LSGSS, the Government set up the Task Force for Review on Enhancement of LSGSS in November 2017 to conduct a review on the enhancement of the LSGSS with stakeholders and make recommendations.
  • The Lump Sum Grant Independent Complaints Handling Committee handles complaints relating to the lump sum grant that cannot be dealt with satisfactorily by NGOs subvented by SWD.

The Service Performance Monitoring System (SPMS) of SWD aims to ensure that NGOs are:
  • responsible and accountable to their service users, SWD and the community for the proper and prudent use of public funds to deliver welfare services;
  • providing quality social welfare services to service users; and
  • pursuing service quality improvement in response to changing community needs.

 The SPMS includes:
  • submission of self-assessment reports on essential service requirements, service quality standards, output standards and outcome standards by NGOs on their service units’ performance with specific action plans on non-compliant areas;
  • submission of statistical reports periodically on the service units’ achievement of output standards, outcome standards and/or value-added items by NGOs; and
  • review/surprise visits and on-site assessments to be conducted by SWD for selected service units to assess their implementation of the above performance standards.



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