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Clinical Psychological Service of the Social Welfare Department has been established for about fifty years. Currently, under the administration of Clinical Psychological Service Branch, there are six Clinical Psychology Units situated at different parts of Hong Kong. Each Clinical Psychology Unit is staffed by one Senior Clinical Psychologist and 9 to 10 Clinical Psychologists who provide various types of psychological services to the general public, as referred by social workers of the Social Welfare Department.

Service Description

The Clinical Psychologists of the Social Welfare Department provide psychological assessment and psychotherapy to individuals in need, to help them to overcome their crises and problems.

In general, a thorough and objective psychological assessment will be conducted to determine the nature of the problem, and appropriate psychological services. If warranted , a treatment plan will be formulated and psychotherapy is provided. Psychotherapy or psychological intervention is based on psychological theories, clinical judgment and research evidence. The aim of psychotherapy is to help clients change the framework of their perceptions, to alter their emotional responses, to ameliorate psychological symptoms, or to reduce psychological disturbances.

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