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Stress Management after Critical Incidents

Psychological Trauma
Did you unfortunately come across or witness serious accidents or disaster?

Do you have the following reactions?

Uncontrollable flashback of segments of the accidents / disaster
Insomnia, early morning awakening or nightmare
Inability to relax, proneness to anger or fear; irritability and concentration difficulties
Depressed, low appetite, self-pity, guilt-ridden, and helpless
Socially withdrawn, lost interest in hobbies
Try very hard to avoid anything related to the accident / disaster, e.g. not using a vehicle, or believe that certain locations are dangerous.
Do you need to be over-worried?
We are rarely psychologically prepared for disasters or accidents. Therefore, almost everyone who went through disasters or accidents will have some or all of the above reactions. These are 'normal reactions to the abnormal episodes of disasters or accidents'.

Generally speaking, these reactions will subside within a couple of days. It would be helpful if you do more relaxation exercise, such as simple deep breathing, have more leisure activities, and share with family members your experience of the event. Be patient and let yourself calm down gradually.

However, if the above reactions:-

last more than 2 weeks,
are too intense and cause much distress,
severely affect your daily life,
you should then .......

Seek help from professionals
Clinical psychologists, social workers, counselors and physicians will be helpful to you.

You may reach clinical psychologists, social workers and counselors via the Integrated Family Service Centres (Social Welfare Department or Non-government Organizations) of your district. Also, hospitals or clinics will make appropriate referral for you.

You may also wish to seek help from the hotline of Social Welfare Department -

Hotline : 2343 2255



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