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Navigation Scheme for Young Persons in Care Services  



The Social Welfare Department (SWD) launched the Navigation Scheme for Young Persons in Care Services (the Navigation Scheme) in July 2015. It aims at providing opportunities of employment and training, including a two-year part-time course under government subsidy, for young people who are interested to work in the elderly and rehabilitation care services.

The SWD continued with the operation of the Navigation Scheme, providing a total of 1 200 additional training places within 5 years starting from 2020-21 with enhancement measures introduced. Measures include expanding the age range of trainees to 17-29, reducing the number of weekly working hours to 40 hours so that the trainees can further their studies more effectively and raising the salaries and training allowance for the trainees.


Career ladder of the Navigation Scheme : 


Upon completion of the Two-year Part-time Diploma Course,
trainees possessing relevant qualification pursue other training courses / move further up their career ladder in the social welfare care sector
Step six

Two-year Part-time Diploma Course 
(including relevant health care/
multi-skills trainings in the second year)
Step five

Successfully registered as Health Workers on completion of
the first year study and promoted to Health Worker
Second Year Step four

Two-year Part-time Diploma Course
(including Health Worker Training Course
in the first year)
Step three

Job Placement as Care Workers in the Service Unit
Step two

Orientation Programme
(including personal care training and first aid training)
Step one

Young people have completed Form 5 or possess an equivalent qualification joining the Navigation Scheme

First Year
The Navigation Scheme (2020-2025)

Target Trainees

  The target trainees are young people aged 17 to 29 who have completed Form 5 education or possess an equivalent qualification.

Training Quotas

  1 200 places

Details of the Navigation Scheme


Trainees participating in the Navigation Scheme will be arranged to take up care work in elderly or rehabilitation service units.  The operating agencies shall arrange trainees to attend an orientation programme (including a first aid certificate course and personal care worker training) to equip them for entering the care sector.  Besides, the elderly and rehabilitation service units offering job placements shall provide mentorship as well as employment guidance and support for trainees to facilitate their adaptation to the working environment.


After taking up employment, trainees will be invited to attend a two-year part-time diploma course at a qualified training institute.  The course fee will be processed on a reimbursement basis.  Fees will be reimbursed to the trainees annually upon their successful completion of the course each year with a certificate issued by the training institute.

Upon successful completion of the two-year part-time diploma course, trainees will be recognised for having a qualification at Qualification Framework Levels 3 or 4. For those who are interested in developing their career in the care service and meeting relevant eligibility criteria, they may, on the basis of their multi-skills qualification, pursue other training courses on their own initiative and move further up their career ladder in the social welfare care sector.


How to apply


Those young people who are interested to join the Navigation Scheme may contact the operating agencies through the following means:-



Caritas - Hong Kong 
Address: Room 138, Caritas House, 2 Caine Road, H.K.
Telephone: 3589 2268      Fax: 2537 9287    

Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - Hong Kong

Address: Room 1001C, 10/F, Kin Wing Commercial Building, No.24, Kin Wing Street,
Tuen Mun, N.T.

Telephone2467 7040 / 5115 4177       Fax: 2454 4482 




Haven of Hope Christian Service 

Address: 7 Haven of Hope Road, Tseung Kwan O, N.T. 

Telephone: 2643 3365       Fax: 2706 0463   




Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
Address: M/F, Shop 5, Hong Ning House, Tung Fai Gardens, 17 Po Yan Street,
Sheung Wan, H.K.

Telephone: 3525 1218 / 6177 3404      Fax: 3525 1212

Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service 

Address: 2/F, Ancillary Facility Block, Yu Chui Court, Shatin, N.T.
Telephone: 2609 1855 / 6239 5584      Fax: 2602 7115    






For further enquiries about details of the Navigation Scheme, please contact 2892 5560 (from Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm, except public holidays) or send email to



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Television Announcement in the Public

 Social Welfare Care Services: Turn a New Page in Your Career

    Latest Promotional Video for the Navigation Scheme (Chinese only)

          Navigation Scheme for Young Persons in Care Services

    Video Sharing (Chinese only)

Sharing by the Trainee of the Navigation Scheme 

A trainee shares her experience of receiving on-the-job training and why she is willing to continue to work in care services of the welfare sector.

Sharing by the Graduates of the“First-hire-then-train”Pilot Project

Two graduates of the Pilot Project talk about how the project helped with their personal growth and career development.

Sharing by the Parent of the Trainee of the Navigation Scheme

A trainee's father shares why he supported his son's participation in the Navigation Scheme and the personal growth of his son after joining the Navigation Scheme.

Sharing by the Employer of the Navigation Scheme

A representative of a participating employer shares her experience in helping the trainees in overcoming the difficulties encountered at work.

Sharing by the Superintendent of the Residential Care Home for the Elderly and the Service User

The Superintendent of the residential care home for the Elderly talks about the assistance given to the trainees in adapting to the work environment and job nature, while a trainee shares his experience gained from the Navigation Scheme and an elderly service user talks about the performance of the trainee.

Sharing by the Office-in-charge of the Day Activity Centre and the Service User

The Office-in-charge of the day activity centre talks about the guidance given to the trainees in taking care of the service recipients in the day activity centre. A trainee talks about her personal growth from joining the Navigation Scheme, while a service user and a family member of a service user also share their feelings.




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