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Enhanced Bought Place Scheme 

The Department has purchased places from private homes for the elderly under the Enhanced Bought Place Scheme (EBPS) since 1998, with a view to upgrading the service standard of these homes through enhanced service requirements in terms of staffing and space standard. This also helps to increase the supply of subsidised places so as to reduce elders' waiting time for subsidised care-and-attention places.



Nature of Service and Eligibility Criteria
Same as Care and Attention Homes for the Elderly

Requirements on Space Standard and Staffing
EBPS Category EA1 EA2
Per Capita Net Floor Area 9.5 m2 8 m2

Staffing requirement with reference to a 40-place care and attention home on the basis of 8 working hours per staff per day, including relief staff :

Home Manager 1 1
Registered/Enrolled Nurse 2 -
Physiotherapist* 0.5 -
Health Worker 2 4
Care Worker 8 8
Ancillary Worker 8 6
Total 21.5 19

*Applicable only to EBPS homes receiving government subsidy for provision of physiotherapy service.


Monthly Fee
- $1,763 (EA1)

- $1,656 (EA2)

Provision of residential respite service

All EBPS homes provide residential respite service by using casual vacancies of subsidised places with effect from 1 March 2012. For details of residential respite service for elders and relevant information, please browse the following web page:

Residential Respite Service for Elders






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