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Nursing Homes
Nursing Homes provide residential care, meals, personal care, regular basic medical and nursing care, and social support for elders who suffer from poor health or physical/mental disabilities with deficiency in activities of daily living but are mentally suitable for communal living, and are assessed and recommended for Nursing Home under the Standardised Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Services. Some Nursing Home places are provided by contract homes.

Leaflet on Nursing Homes can be downloaded here.
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Nature of Service
The following services are provided for residents in Nursing Homes:
(a) accommodation within shared rooms;
(b) provision of at least 3 meals a day plus snacks;
(c) staff on duty 24 hours per day;
(d) provision of basic medical care services on a regular basis;
(e) provision of nursing care;
(f) provision of social work services (e.g. assessment, counselling, referrals, programme activities, etc.);
(g) provision of personal care services;
(h) provision of rehabilitative services including therapeutic exercise and treatment, on a group or individual basis, to maintain or improve the functioning of residents; and
(i) activities organised on a regular basis to meet the social and recreational needs of residents, to encourage residents to pursue their interests, and to maintain residents' contact with the community and families.



Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for admission to a nursing home, an applicant should be:
(a) aged 65 or above *;
(b) assessed to be suitable for admission to Nursing Homes through the Standardised Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Services;
(c) able to satisfy at least one of the following conditions but does not require a level of care higher than that for either of the following conditions:
(i) in stable medical condition yet requiring regular basic medical and nursing care;
(ii) with chronic disability yet not being totally chairbound, but requiring assistance, with or without a walking aid or wheelchair, in moving around; and
(d) mentally suitable for communal living and with no persistent tendency to violence, self-destruction/self-injury or disruptive behaviour.


* Persons aged between 60 and 64 may apply if there is a proven need for residential care based on health and/or social grounds, subject to their meeting the admission criteria.

Monthly Fee
- $2,054






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