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  2020-21 Annual Service Provision and Statistics - Child Welfare Services

The service provision and statistics are as follows:
Adoption Service

No. of Units
No. of new adoption applications processed
(Local adoption)

(Local adoption)
(Intercountry adoption)

Residential Child Care Services

Number of Centres Number of Places  Average Enrolment Rate

Foster Care Service
Not applicable 1 130 82%

Children’s Home
5 418 86%

Small Group Home
116 924 94%

Boys’/Girls’ Hostel
4 95 87%

Boys’/Girls’ Home with School for Social Development on-site
7 772 68%

Boys’/Girls' Home without School on-site
4 240 81%
Day Child Care Services

Number of Centres Number of Places Utilisation RateNote 3

Standalone Child Care CentreNote 1
29 3 353 47%

Occasional Child Care Service
220 (units) 452 11%

Extended Hours Service
168  2 309 7%

Mutual Help Child Care

19 261 3.1%

Neighbourhood Support Child Care Project
18 954Note 2 7 979Note 4
Note 1
Standalone child care centres (CCCs) include aided standalone CCCs and non-profit-making/private standalone CCCs.  CCCs attached to kindergartens which are under the administration of the Education Bureau Joint Office for Kindergartens and Child Care Centres also provide child care services to children aged under three.  All CCCs and CCCs attached to kindergartens must be registered in compliance with the requirements under the Child Care Services Ordinance (Cap. 243) and the Child Care Services Regulations (Cap. 243A).  In 2020-21, there were about 35 600 CCC places in total and about 7 900 of them were aided places.
Note 2
Service operator has the flexibility to increase the number of home-based child care service places on top of the minimum requirement set by the SWD to meet the actual service demand.
Note 3
Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, there is a decrease in the average utilisation rate/number of service users.
Note 4
Number of service users.



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