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  Specialised Co-parenting Support Centres

" src= Introduction

Five Specialised Co-parenting Support Centres (SCSCs) are set up across the territories to provide one-stop child-focused co-parenting support services for separated/divorcing/divorced parents (the parents) and/or their children.  The SCSCs assist the parents to carry out parental responsibilities under the child-focused principles, strengthen parent-child connection and provide support to children affected by parental separation/divorce and family change to promote their healthy growth and development.

" src= Service Scope
" src= Provide co-parenting counselling and parenting coordination service (formulate and implement the child(ren) care and contact arrangement), structured parenting groups/programmes/workshops to parents;
" src= Provide children contact service including supervised contact/supervised exchange between the children and their non-residing parents and/or significant others;
" src= Provide children with child-focused intensive counselling/groups/programmes; and
" src= Promote parental responsibility through education/publicity activities.

" src= Targets Service Users
" src= Separated/divorcing/divorced parents and/or their children where the parents have difficulty in cooperating with each other and/or reaching agreement relating to the children's living, care and contact arrangements including different ethnicities, cultures, religions and language; and
" src= General public with interest to know the parental responsibility.

" src= Service Distribution
" src= Acrobat Document  

" src= Opening Hours
" src= 12 sessions per week, including 1 Friday night and 4 sessions on Saturday and Sunday
" src= Closed at public holidays
" src= Please refer to the opening hours of respective SCSCs

" src= Fee Charging

Free of charge

" src= Application
" src= Direct application;
" src= Referrals from professionals including social workers, staff of relevant government departments or non-government organisations, school personnel, or professionals providing services to separated/divorcing/divorced parents and their children, such as mediators or lawyers.

" src= Service Pamphlet
" src= Traditional Chinese and English Versions " src= Acrobat Document
" src= Indonesia version " src= Acrobat Document
" src= Tagalog version " src= Acrobat Document
" src= Thai version " src= Acrobat Document
" src= Urdu version " src= Acrobat Document
" src= Hindi version " src= Acrobat Document
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