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  Specialised Co-parenting Support Centres - support service for divorced / separated families


Five Specialised Co-parenting Support Centres (SCSCs) are set up across the territories to provide one-stop child-focused co-parenting support services for separated/divorcing/divorced parents (the parents) and/or their children.  The SCSCs assist the parents to carry out parental responsibilities under the child-focused principles, strengthen parent-child connection and provide support to children affected by parental separation/divorce and family change to promote their healthy growth and development.

Service Scope
Provide co-parenting counselling and parenting coordination service (formulate and implement the child(ren) care and contact arrangement), structured parenting groups/programmes/workshops to parents;
Provide children contact service including supervised contact/supervised exchange between the children and their non-residing parents and/or significant others;
Provide children with child-focused intensive counselling/groups/programmes; and
Promote parental responsibility through education/publicity activities.

Targets Service Users
Separated/divorcing/divorced parents and/or their children where the parents have difficulty in cooperating with each other and/or reaching agreement relating to the children's living, care and contact arrangements including different ethnicities, cultures, religions and language; and
General public with interest to know the parental responsibility.

Service Distribution
 Excel Document  

Opening Hours
12 sessions per week, including 1 Friday night and 4 sessions on Saturday and Sunday
Closed at public holidays
Please refer to the opening hours of respective SCSCs

Fee Charging

Free of charge

Direct application;
Referrals from professionals including social workers, staff of relevant government departments or non-government organisations, school personnel, or professionals providing services to separated/divorcing/divorced parents and their children, such as mediators or lawyers.

Service Pamphlet
Traditional Chinese and English Versions  Acrobat Document
Indonesia version  Acrobat Document
Tagalog version  Acrobat Document
Thai version  Acrobat Document
Urdu version  Acrobat Document
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