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  Support Programme for Enhancing Peaceable Relationship (SPeaR)
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Service Introduction
Since October 2018, the Social Welfare Department has subvented three Non-governmental Organisations to operate the Support Programme for Enhancing Peaceable Relationship (SPeaR) at five service clusters in Hong Kong.  SPeaR aims at providing an early and flexible intervention for batterers/potential batterers under intimate partner violence (IPV) to prevent and stop violence as well as to improve the intimate relationship.  It also provides support service for children who have witnessed or been exposed to IPV and victims of IPV, with a view to protecting them from harm.

Target Service Users
adult batterers who are currently or have been involved in spouse/cohabitant battering or dating violence where the risk of violence still exists;
adult potential batterers who are having high conflicts with their spouse/cohabitant/dating partner and high risks of perpetrating violence towards each other;
people with specific ethnic cultures and/or different sexual orientations (interpretation service will be provided if needed);
children who have witnessed or been exposed to IPV/children of potential batterers of IPV and victims of IPV; and
general public with interest in knowing more about IPV and dating violence.

Nature of the Programme
a 6-hour educational programme provided for batterers/potential batterers;
a 4-hour educational programme provided for children witnessing or being exposed to IPV/children of potential batterers of IPV;
support/educational programmes for batterers/potential batterers and their families;
promotional and/or educational programmes; and
referrals for appropriate welfare services.

Service Clusters
SPeaR is provided according to the following 5 service clusters
Contact method of the operators of the respective clusters

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(Participants can choose to attend SPeaR in any service cluster according to their needs and preference.)

Fee charging
Free of charge.

Application and Referral
The service users can self-approach the Service Operators or can be referred by social workers, school personnel, staff of other government departments, professionals working with victims of IPV or children witnessing/been exposed to IPV/children of potential batterers of IPV.
For enquiries of application and case referral, please contact the operators of the respective clusters directly.

Service leaflet
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