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Temporary Shelter / Urban Hostel for Single Persons

Service Description

Temporary Shelter / Urban Hostel for Single Persons is a form of short-term accommodation for needy persons and street sleepers. They are also provided with counselling and guidance so as to help them seek alternative long-term accommodation.

Target Group

Street sleepers, bedspace apartment lodgers and homeless persons, particularly the aged, disabled, or those in weak health.

Application Procedures

Applicant can apply for admission by referral from social worker.

Fees and Charges
Temporary Shelter : The majority of the shelters offer free accommodation service.
Urban Hostel for Single Persons : The fee of Urban Hostel for Single Persons is within the maximum rent allowance under Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme.

List of Temporary Shelter / Hostel / Short-term Hostel

Can be downloaded here.
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