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Accreditation Subsidy Scheme for Private Residential Care Homes for the Elderly
Image Background
  • To encourage the private residential care homes for the elderly (RCHEs) to continuously enhance their service quality, the Social Welfare Department (SWD) launched a five-year "Accreditation Subsidy Scheme for Private RCHEs" (the "Subsidy Scheme") in 2019-20 to provide full subsidies for all private RCHEs joining the approved accreditation schemes accredited by the Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) and approved by the SWD.
Image Apply to become an SWD Approved Certification Body
  • The approved accreditation schemes to be included in the “Subsidy Scheme” by the SWD must have been accredited by the HKAS under the Innovation and Technology Commission in respect of the Residential Care Homes (Elderly Persons) Service Providers’ Management System (RCHE-MS). Certification body showing interest in applying as an SWD Approved Certification Body under the "Subsidy Scheme" can refer to the following information and submit an application to the SWD.
Related Information (Chinese version only) Download
Guidance Notes on Approved Certification Body Application PDF  (PDF)
Application Form for Approved Certification Body PDF  (PDF)
Word  (MS Word)
Image Private RCHEs apply for “Subsidy Scheme”
  • During the implementation period, each private RCHE can be subsidised by the SWD to participate in one approved accreditation scheme under the “Subsidy Scheme” (3 years as one certification cycle). Those private RCHEs that have already participated in any approved accreditation scheme before the launch of this “Subsidy Scheme” may also apply for subsidies, within the implementation period, for reimbursement of the annual review fee and renewal fee which take place in the three subsequent years. Please refer to the following documents for the application of the “Subsidy Scheme”:
Related Information and Documents
(Chinese version only)
Guidance Notes on RCHE’s Application for “Accreditation Subsidy Scheme for Private Residential Care Homes for the Elderly” PDF  (PDF)
Annex 1 – Notice of Intent for applying for “Accreditation Subsidy Scheme for Private Residential Care Homes for the Elderly” PDF  (PDF)
Word (MS Word)
Annex 2 – Application Form for Reimbursement of the Certification Fee / Review Fee PDF (PDF)
Word  (MS Word)
Annex 3  –  Authority for Payment to a Bank and its Sample PDF  (PDF)
Annex 4 – Sample of Covering Letter for Authority for Payment to a Bank PDF (PDF)
Word (MS Word)
Image Approved accreditation schemes under the “Subsidy Scheme” and their details are as follows :
Approved Certification Bodies Approved Accreditation Scheme
Hong Kong Association of Gerontology Accreditation Division  Residential Aged Care Accreditation Scheme (RACAS)
Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency  Residential Care Home for the Elderly Certification Scheme
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