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Training Subsidy Scheme for Staff of Residential Care Homes
Image Introduction
  As announced by the Chief Executive in the 2017 and 2018 Policy Address, a series of measures are to be implemented to continuously strengthen the monitoring of Residential Care Homes for the Elderly (RCHEs) and Residential Care Homes for Persons with Disabilities (RCHDs) and enhance their service quality, including launching a five-year scheme to provide full subsidies for home managers, health workers and care workers of all RCHEs and RCHDs in the territory to enrol in Qualifications Framework (QF)-based training courses.
Image Application for Organising Courses by Training Institutes
  • Training institutes intending to offer the courses shall formulate the curriculum based on the respective Specification of Competency Standards, and to obtain accreditation from the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (except for courses provided by self-accrediting colleges / institutions) prior to making an application to the Social Welfare Department (SWD) for approval.
Name of Course QF Level
1 Training for Home Managers (Course A)    
2 Training for Home Managers (Course B)    
3 Advanced Training for Health Workers    
4 Training for Care Workers     
  • On 24 July 2018, the SWD organised a briefing session for training institutes to introduce details of the Scheme. 
          PowerPoint Presentation (Chinese version only)  
PDF Document  (PDF)
  • For the Guidance Notes for application, course content and related requirements, please refer to the following documents :
Related Documents Download
Guidance Notes for Training Institutes (Chinese version only)
✧ Annex 1 -Training for Home Managers (Course A) (Chinese version only)
✧ Annex 2 -Training for Home Managers (Course B) (Chinese version only)
✧ Annex 3 -Advanced Training for Health Workers (Chinese version only)
✧ Annex 4 -Training for Care Workers
(Chinese version only)
✧ Annex 5 - Workplace Assessment Form (Advanced Training for Health Workers) (Chinese version only)
✧ Annex 6 - Workplace Assessment Form (Training for Care Workers) (Chinese version only)
✧ Annex 7 – Application Form for Organising Courses (Chinese version only)
✧ Annex 8 - List of Trainees Applying for Training Subsidy (Chinese version only)
✧ Annex 9 - List of Graduates (Chinese version only)
Image Enrolment and Application for Training Subsidy
  • The Scheme is designed for Home Managers, Health Workers and Care Workers currently working in RCHEs and RCHDs. Home operators shall nominate their staff for enrolment in relevant courses and pay the specified course fees. Should the trainees successfully complete the courses approved by this Department and are awarded graduate certificates under the Scheme, the home operators may apply to this Department for reimbursement of the course fees in full.
  • Besides, training allowance will be provided to the RCHEs and RCHDs concerned in order to maintain their operation through appropriate manpower deployment when their health workers and care workers attend the Advanced Training for Health Workers and Training for Care Workers, as well as to provide on-site training support and conduct on-the-job assessment for the trainees.
  • For details of the approved courses, please refer to the following documents:
    (Note : The individual training institute is responsible for the enrolment and dates for the approved courses. Please contact the training institute concerned for details).
Approved Courses Download
1 Training for Home Managers (Course A)    
2 Training for Home Managers (Course B)    
3 Advanced Training for Health Workers    
4 Training for Care Workers     
  • For information on the enrolment in the approved courses, please refer to the following documents:
Documents Download
Guidance Notes for Enrolment in Approved Courses (Chinese version only)
✧ Annex 1 - Course Content and Related Requirements (Chinese version only)
✧ Annex 2 - Certificate of Employment (Chinese version only)
✧ Annex 3 - Application Form for Reimbursement of Course Fees and Appendix (Chinese version only)
✧ Annex 4 - Authority for Payment To A Bank  
✧ Annex 5 - Sample of Covering Letter accompanied with the Authority for Payment To A Bank (Chinese version only)
Frequently Asked Questions (Chinese version only)
Image Enquiry
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