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Highlight of Initiatives
Implementation of Community Care Fund Medical Assistance Programmes
Community Care Fund (CCF) Medical Assistance Programmes  (First Phase and Second Phase) administered by the Hospital Authority (HA) were implemented in 2011 and 2012 respectively with Medical Social Workers’ assistance in processing the applications for financial assistance. Doctors in charge will decide, based on their professional judgment, if patients should be suggested to use self-financed drug items. If patients have financial difficulty in meeting the cost of the items and fulfill the specified clinical criteria, doctors may refer patients to the medical social worker for assessment of the patients’ eligibility for assistance. Known Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients are not required to go through financial assessment.
The First Phase Programme, effective from 1 August 2011, provides financial assistance to patients of HA to purchase specified self-financed (SFI) cancer drugs which have not yet been brought into the Samaritan Fund (SF) safety net but have been rapidly accumulating medical scientific evidence and with relatively higher efficacy. The Second Phase Programme, rolled out on 16 January 2012 and regularised under SF in September 2012, provides subsidy to needy patients who marginally fall outside the SF safety net for the use of specified SFI drugs, and additional subsidy to HA patients by reducing their maximum contribution ratio to use the specified SFI drugs supported by the SF and the CCF First Phase Programme.
Please click here to access to the Hospital Authority website on Community Care Fund Medical Assistance Programme for more information.




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