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Prevention of Avian Influenza in Social Welfare Service Units  
 Briefing on Prevention of Avian Influenza in Social Services Units (Chinese) 
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Briefing on Prevention of Avian Influenza in Social Services Units - Basics on Infection Control (Chinese) 
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Briefing on Prevention of Avian Influenza in Social Services Units-Understanding and Impact (Chinese)
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The Government urges departments and agencies to prevent the infection of avian influenza / influenza pandemic at all times.  At this preparation stage, it is important for departments and agencies to identify room for improvement and fine-tune their plans in the light of the ever-changing prevailing situation.

Besides, social welfare services agencies or units are advised to take the preventive measures, including:


Explaining to all staff and service users the importance of personal and environmental hygiene in preventing infectious diseases, in particular the infection of avian influenza/ influenza pandemic.


Reminding staff and service users of the preventive measures, such as maintaining good personal hygiene, keeping hands clean and washing hands properly, wearing masks when necessary, maintaining good cleanliness and ventilation in the centre premises.


Executing the 'Guidelines on the Prevention of the Spreading of Avian Influenza in Social Welfare Service Units' updated by the Department in January 2012; and drawing up your own precautionary and contingency measures pertinent to your setting, such as checking and examining the stock of cleansing materials and personal protective gears.


Paying attention to the updated information and guidelines disseminated by the Department, Department of Health and other relevant departments [For access to the Influenza Page of the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of Department of Health, please reach ].


Informing CHP of any occurrence of special circumstances such as a sudden increase in the number of service users or staff with symptoms of respiratory infectious disease.

The Department of Health would also like to remind the public that one of the most effective measures to prevent infectious disease is to adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to build good body resistance.  Hence, please assist your service users and staff in keeping practice of good personal and environmental hygiene, and building up a healthy lifestyle.

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