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      Highlight of Initiative


      SWD implements integrated model for offender services


     With a view to generating more synergy, streamlining service delivery, providing a one-stop service for customers and adopting a holistic approach to better meet rehabilitation needs of offenders, the Social Welfare Department (SWD) has completed a review on the community-based services for offenders, which includes Probation Service, the Community Service Orders (CSO) Scheme and the Community Support Service Scheme.  The new integrated model has taken effect since 3 July 2012.

2.  Under the model, the then 11 Probation Offices were integrated with the CSO Office and Community Support Service Centres (CSSCs) and re-organised into seven Probation and Community Service Orders Offices (PCSOs), each of which serves its respective Magistrates' Courts.  The seven PCSOs are responsible for all statutory duties including preparing court reports on offenders' suitability for and providing statutory supervision as well as group work service to offenders placed under probation or CSO supervision.

3.  A Co-ordinating Office of Community Service Orders (COCSO) was also set up to support the seven PCSOs in identifying and co-ordinating work projects, and liaising with Probation Officers (POs) on work site performance of offenders placed under the CSO. 


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