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      Integrated Vocational Training Centre
To provide persons with disabilities with comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services characterized with structured vocational skill training that aim at assisting them in achieving open employment and developing their potential
Provide skill training, re-training and supported employment services, to develop the trainees' vocational skills and cultivate good work habits;
Provide job attachment to help the trainees acquire and apply vocational skills in a real work environment (the trainee and the agency providing job attachment do not have any employment relationship);
During the job attachment period, the trainees who can fulfill the required attendance will be given job attachment allowance;
Provide allowance-generating work skills training (training allowance is in general calculated according to the kind of job training and the trainees' participation);
Arrange job analysis and job matching;
Provide training and activities on various life skills; and
Provide residential service to train their independent living skills (provided by Hong Chi Pinehill Integrated Vocational Training Centre only)
Persons with disabilities who are aged 15 or above in need of vocational training and  rehabilitation services (service users of the residential service of Hong Chi Pinehill Integrated Vocational Training Centre have to enroll for the day service of the Centre simultaneously)
Referrals / Applications can be made to the service units directly.  The application is free of charge.
Please contact the service units or the Rehabilitation and Medical Social Services Branch of the Social Welfare Department at 3586 3428 or 3586 3649
There is no employer-employee relationship between the service units and the trainees
List of Integrated Vocational Training Centre (Day Service)
Addresses and telephone numbers can be downloaded here
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